Monday, July 9, 2007

Chris Daly Blog: Awaiting Moderation.

District 6's Boy Robin in the Hood, Supervisor Chris Daly, was forced to move his online powder room to a non-city server (because he received a 46-page complaint (.pdf) from political ethics attorney).

Check out Chrisy Daly's latest bitch rant about the love of his life, Gavin Newsom: in which Daly says Mayor Gavin Newsom "has problems thinking on his feet," says "dude can't even defend himself," and, most damningly, calls Newsom a "lightweight [even] during his heavy drinking days" and mocks his choice of fermented beverage. To which I say, at least, the Gav doesn’t sip from a nip, boy wannabe.

Lightweights Posted by Chris Daly under Uncategorized

Without a doubt, Gavin Newsom and Eric Jaye are two of the most powerful men
in San Francisco and giants in California Democratic politics. So why are they
hiding behind their Republican lawyer?

For the first 3 years of his term, Mayor Gavin Newsom hid behind his political handlers and only engaged the public through carefully crafted press events and large one-day volunteer events. He clearly wasn’t concerned about the day-to-day operations of the City, and he didn’t fight on the big issues at City Hall.

After the voters asked the Mayor to attend Board meetings to engage in formal
policy discussion, Newsom responded with a campaign road-show of “town hall meetings” to “honor” the will of the voters. But our critique caught on, and we smoked him out. This Mayor was chicken and only governed by press release. Team Newsom was forced to finally engage in the debate.

Dean Barbella Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. July 9th, 2007 at 6:59 pm

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, a Democrat in San Francisco is a Republican anywhere else,
so what’s your point, Lumpy?

Besides, you’re such a bleeding-panty Liberal, you’re a Communist in The
. Do you live in the Tenderloin or are you pulling an Ed Jew? If so, better
not bump into a Tax Payer. Ya ain’t gonna find a Cop on our streets and even if
ya did… I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned the other way, gabesh?!

Do the words Economy or Quality of Life resonate at all in your Green Party
vegetative state? Take your merry band of Crack Addicts and get the hell out of
town. Good-for-nothing blowhard!

True, Gavin Newsom, but Chris Daly

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