Sunday, January 6, 2008

Extreme Political Makeover

With the mayoral election behind us, we took a holiday hiatus, seemingly prepared for another four years of hippy occupation and all the spoils that bestows:

- Homeless living on our streets
- Junkies breaking into our cars
- Merchants strangulating sidewalks
- Jails that can’t hold criminals
- Homicide rates alive and well

We thought why bother? We had forgotten Gavin’s always entertainment value – Hallelujah!

The Mayor kicked off the New Year by popping the question to Jennifer Siebel – thereby completing his Extreme Presidential Makeover:

- Admit Affair with Campaign Manager’s Wife
- Play the Rehab Card
- Wear Reading Glasses at Photo-Opps
- Telecommute during City Emergency (58,000 Gallons of Spilled Oil)
Get Married

Speaking of total recall, let’s turn the page to Gavin’s Arch Nemesis and San Francisco's Comics Relief, The Bleeding-Panty, Salad-Eating Boy Robin – Robin Hood of the Neighborhood – Beyond Tenderdome.

That’s right, District 6 Superviser Chris Daly.

Fear not. Forces of good are gathering Daly Recall signatures as you read to finally foil San Francisco’s Artful Dodger! This is a developing story targeting Valentines Day, so stay tuned Superheroes.

- Everbody Hates Chris
- Chris Daly Runs From Mayor
- Blue Angels Down Daly
- Peskin Dumps Daly
- Brother-In-Law Offers Career Advice
- Newsom Rally Rolls Over Daly

Imagine Newsom 's transformation unhindered as well as your walk to work if the good mayor can add Clean, Safe Streets to his resume. Rejoice!

For more details into Chris Daly's failures and theatrics, please visit our sister site: Chris Daly

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