Sunday, January 6, 2008

Daly Recall

A comment by one of our readers, Bubba, says it all:

"Chris Daly is just more proof that the far left is as fucking goofy as the far right. There are some people that you wouldn’t want to be in the same room with...

George W. Bush is one of them and Chris Daly is another!

...Why can’t everyone be just like me…a brilliant middle of the road masturbator?"
Break out the yankie hankies, Bubba! Reactionary forces have drafted a Notice of Intention to Circulate Recall Petiton:

We, the People of District Six, demand the recall of Supervisor Chris Daly for the following reasons:

• We deserve a Supervisor who advocates for the health and welfare of the entire District rather than divert general funds by way of Charter Amendment propositions away from public safety, clean streets, safe parks, and public health resources for the next 15 years or more;

• We deserve a Supervisor who can control his or her emotions and not behave in an immature fashion when representing the People of District Six, one who does not make unsubstantiated personal attacks while acting as District 6 Supervisor;

• We deserve a Supervisor who is willing to talk to our free press;

• We deserve a Supervisor who will not threaten the economic health of the City and County of San Francisco by enabling quality of life crimes to proliferate.

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Imagine Newsom's transformation unhindered by Daly as well as your walk to work as the good mayor can focus on Clean, Safe Streets - Rejoice!

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