Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Free Tenderloin

Dalai Lama meet Daly Drama.

When District 6 (Tenderloin) Supervisor, Chris Daly aka Boy Robbing in the Hood, isn’t stealing taxes for the poor, he’s busy grounding the Blue Angles or slandering Mayor Gavin Newsom (on behalf of his agenda).

Now, local Activist/Pacifist boob wants to start a Revolution: Free Tibet.

We all want to change the world, but when you talk about Boycotts, don’t you know that you can count me out!

Daly's speaking out at Human Rights Torch Relay protests of the Beijing Olympics as well as wasting our tax dollars passing useless resolutions to condemn human rights violations from 7000 miles away to China (tunneling) while a record numbers fall in the Tenderloin war zone to homicides; overdoses on his watch.

The Dalai Lama wouldn't be caught dead in the Tenderloin; rather he reincarnate as sleazy politician, Daly Drama.

Besides, the "Free Tibet" Volkswagon Bus pulled away 50-years ago. Leave foreign police to the Oval Office. The Executive Branch is the appropriate level for dialog with China as well as Congress to decide economic sanctions; and President George W. Bush has already contacted Chinese President Hu Jintao.

You want to fight the Chinese, get your prayer beads and join the Tibetan Army.
Meatime, shut the f*ck up! Sport should transcend politics. Our politicians were wrong to boycott the Moscow Games in 1980 and the Soviet Union was wrong to boycott Los Angeles 1984. Not, only did the athletes and the fans suffer; yet, human rights did too.

Our individual quest for fleeting glory is not so unique while our ultimate defete unites all with humility, reverence and fraternity. Essentially, sport is a model as well a medium for peace... and in the darkest of times escape.

Never Forget: 911.

And, don’t forget “Mr. November” (Derek Jeter) who hit a 3-2 pitch over the right field fence to break a 3-3 tenth inning tie in a World Series delayed a week due to the tragic terrorist attacks that took so many lives including James W. Barbella. That homer gave pause to panic and cause to smile; most importantly for the whole world to watch - freedom prevail!

If closed-minded, shit-for-brains politicians, like Chris Daly, interfered with the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin to protest Nazi Germany, then a Black-American athlete, Jesse Owens, would have had no voice to silence Nazi propaganda of Aryan racial superiority.

Instead, Adolf Hitler faded into the stands and Jesse Owens triumphed with four gold medals.

Daly would do well to quit his chirping about Tiananmen Square, Red Square, wherever; and remember his lofty supervisor perch only affords him a bird's eye view of the Union Square... so, start cleaning up San Francisco!
If Daly can’t run for gold and won’t run for Mayor, how's he to effect any measure of change overseas? And, for all his grumbing, mumbling and stumbling he's looking less John Lennon and more Chairman Mao - ain't gonna make it with anyon, anyhow!

Imagine all the people signing a petition to Recall Chris Daly. It's easy if you try.
Don’t you know it’s gonna be alright, alright, alright.

Dean Barbella, Staff Writer

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