Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gavin Newsom: Man Eater

Yelp Co-Founder Jeremy Stoppelman and Nish Nadaraja stopped by City Hall to visit with Gavin Newsom and deliver us this light hearted interview.

In the spirit of ‘Earth Day’ covering mostly Green subjects like: Who's the Greenest Politician in the World?

And few to gush and blush the mayor's cheeks pink:

  • Boxers or Briefs?
  • Hair Gel or Mousse?
  • Favorite places to take someone special?

  • Maybe, Yelp will add a Homeless Quotient feature to the site as a gift to me?

    After all, it is my Earth Day Birthday! Regardless, I plan to leverage Yelp's reviews as mandatory reading for my celebratory evening out!

    How about: Balboa Cafe, El Rio, Balazo Gallery, Aces, Flor de Lys or even Frijz?

    More hardball questions for Gavin to field for fellow Yelpers:

    • How do you take your coffee?
    • BART or MUNI?
    • Favorite place to take a group?
    • How do you feel about that Nader-Gonzalez ticket?

    Complete Interview:

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