Sunday, April 20, 2008

SF: Busing Homeless Across The Bay

After conferring with the Coalition On Homelessness as well as Community and Business leaders, Mayor Gavin Newsom withdrew his veto to allow legislation unanimously approved by the Board of Supervisors in which San Francisco will begin busing homeless to Marin County.

Strangely, the controversial Busing Resolution was a jointly introduced by the unlikely alliance of Liberal Lefty District 6 Supervisor, Chris Daly, and Nouveau Conservative District 8 Supervisor, Bevan Duffy.

Daly’s district includes the Tenderloin, an area with a huge concentration of liquor stores and one of the worst chronic drugs and alcohol problem in the nation, while Bevan Duffy’s District 8, includes the Castro, a predominantly gay neighborhood, and attributes its increasingly conservative vote to its sky rocketing real estate prices.

Like a bad ‘80s John Hughes movie (redundant), Daly and Duffy, two warring Supes from different sides of the track bury one hatchet to bury another in the back of a mutual enemy: Poverty/Prosperity.
Okay. Let's say, they agree on the same antidote not the same poison.

Daly wants to help his homeless constituants, who earn an average $5.00 dollars a day, panhandling to the Tenderloin's overcrowded, depressed economy, to reach more affluent neighborhoods across the bay:
“Just because one does not have a home in the Tenderloin, shouldn’t prevent them from not having a home in Marin County too.”
... While Duffy wants to serve taxpayers by helping the ambitious few who stumbled upon the Castro to find their way out.

Regardless, San Francisco's Odd Couple lauded an independent study reporting panhandlers in Marin County earn nearly four-times as much, averaging $19.75 per day. Moreover, Marin County environmentalist advocate busing, arguing homelessness represents a positive, critical externality to the eco-system, long since missing in Marin.

Homeless contribute to the recycling process, collecting up to three-times their own weight in a 24-hour period; and, as a byproduct, their waste helps to irrigate and fertilize front lawns as well as any dirty needle syringes left behind after entravenous drug use can help to aerate topsoil and improve drainage.
Just imagine a full, soft clover patch so school children can run barefoot, year round!
Meantime, liquor store owners remain cautiously optimistic opting for a "wait-and-see" approach to the homeless free trade agreement - hoping their customers will return home with full pockets and empty bellies.

Having sold liquor to the Tenderloin's homeless for generations, the majority of shop owners, already live in Marin, and would be happy set up shop closer to home.

"I always dreamed we move business to Marin, close to daycare center and house of worship"
Conversely, the nomadic crack dealers with far less overhead are equally concerned to stake their claim; and plan to occupy front seats on the earliest buses out of town.

Great News for Clean, Safe Streets!

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