Saturday, February 9, 2008

Willie Brown: Newsom's Racist

Willy Brown is “Back in Black,” pimping his new autobiography, “Basic Brown.”

With all the credibility of former Major League Baseball player, Jose Conseco's Rampant 'Roids tell all book, "Juiced", Slick Willie's written attacks of his successor as mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, of racism in appointments, are biased, unbased and solely motivated by the color of money.

Today’s City Hall reflects the best and brightest faces of The City – period. On the contrary, I'd imagine a white male mayor would be tempted to leverage minority faces, whether it is sex, race or religion, for political gain.

MLK's dream is promotion by merit. Add to that equation of equality the law of averages (over time) and City Hall's portrait should bare a picture perfect pallet proportionate to its population.

Willie contends:

"When I was mayor of San Francisco I made a point to appoint as many qualified blacks as I could to city posts. Now when I walk around city hall, I see almost no black faces. When I left, blacks were ousted along with me."

I’m too far away and know too few details about any one of Newsom’s appointees to either defend his selections case by case or cast any speculation.

Yet, from where I'm sitting, looking at a City Hall's diverse complexion in the reflection staring back at me, I'd have to dissagree. There are just too many high profile minority appointees like Police Chief Heather Fong that come to mind for Willie's words to ring true; and it were, then wouldn't this be an indictment of his former administration, not Newsom's?

Confirming, Willie, not Newsom, appointed with Race in mind.

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