Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is Gavin Juiced Up?

The Feds indicted Barry Bonds for perjury of justice for telling a grand jury he did not knowingly use performance-enhancing drugs.

Go directly to prison do not collect a Hall of Fame induction.

Barry should have learned how forgiving the public could be through Gavin Newsom’s apology.

Just nine months later, he's fresh out of rehab celebrating his 40th B-day with a runaway reelection victory... was it the mayor's teflon hair or;

Is Gavin juiced up?
BALCO’s conveniently located round the corner from City Hall and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) would explain Newsom’s Audacious Bounce Back from Behind the Muzak of Drinking, Cocaine episodes and Extra Extra-Marital Affairs - perhaps ‘Roid Rage!

Maybe future Proclamations should have an Asterisk?

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Saturday, November 10, 2007


About Me. About Gavin. About-Face.

With Gavin Newsom newly re-elected by a landslide margin of 77%, I thought it responsible to re-write my About Page or if you will oblige me - an About-face Page.

I bought the (Gavin Newsom domain name over a few beers with a couple of buds – a sort of cyber squatting goof. Unfortunataly, both The Donald’s and gal-pal Rosie O’Donnell’s were taken, probably by each other – so, I bought Gavin’s.

There it sat dormant over a few more months… a few more beers with a couple more buds, until awakened by the City Hall Sex Scandal. At which time, I launched the following message:
Entertaining - Yes. Productive - No!

"I like boozing, schmoozing losers winning (and womanizing) as much as the next guy. But, when I’m not watching nighttime dramas, I’m busy watching my city’s homelessness and violence grow – two issues that Gavin campaigned upon and have steadily worsened since his ascendancy."

"Newsom’s ‘poor decisions’ affect us all. I’m not political and don’t claim to have any answers. I only know I don’t want to see Gavin win another election."
Ironically, I recognize Gavin’s short comings in within myself to the point I love and laugh more than most at his never-ending girls and gaffes. I’d say Brittanie Mountz is still my favorite... I can identify with Gavin's temporary insanity - She's got legs that go to go to heaven; I especially like her MySpace photo.

My “Soul Goal” is to advocate Clean, Safe Streets and I found some help over the Pirate Cat Radio airwaves and in The Chronicle, interviewed by the Smokin’ Hot Cecilia M. Vega, who somehow resists my metrosexual charm - for now!
Things were going swimmingly until it occured to me – if not Gavin, who?
I mean Gavin Sucks, but Chris Daly! With the help of Mirkarimi and Gonzalez, he proved it - putting together the biggest Regressives Convention since the Nixon Administration and the biggest salad-eating fiasco producing zero candidates.
With Gavin showing 78% approval ratings, they were wise to fold before they flopped!
But, Old Man Lumpy wasn’t finished – Not yet! If San Francisco's voters won’t listen, then he’ll just have to scare that pesky Gavin out of City Hall. So, he summoned the Ghost of McCarthy to huff, puff and bluff public humiliation announcements from Croneyism to Cocaine… save none could sink Gavin and the Gang.
Busted - Can't touch this teflon doo. What you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!
Daly's which hunt bit him in the ass and bought him a tongue lashing and demotion in swift order - Bravo Peskin!

Stealing a scene from Michael Moore’s Flip-Flop, I followed with an About-face, realizing Gavin’s the only candidate with the necessary political clout within the City and more importantly the potential beyond to successfully clean up our streets today.

In other words, Gavin is just four years away from a bigger office far outside the City limits with a constituency infinitely more conservative. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Same-Sex Marriages, but it doesn't ring with the same cache down South. Gavin’s capital here is essentially confederate money there.

If he’s to compete against credible candidates, he’ll have to tip this exchange rate in his favor with a compelling story that scales ala:
Rudy Giuliani’s 911 and crime fighting fetes – from bankrupt to boomtown!
Today’s “Services or Citation” program is veneer-thin. If Newsom wants to give it some teeth, he'll have put an end to the revolving door that exists violent inmates and drug addicts back onto out streets, then he needs to put his pearly whites and blue tie to work selling to the public, politicking private business and pressuring Old School Progressives within for a real, lasting institutional change and sustaining investment.
Remember, there’s no such thing as a bad crack addict, theif or rapist, just bad elected officials.
Quantify the cost of the status quo, ranging from Quality-of-Life to Life itself. Call it the “Price of Life” initiative and sell it against the cost of police, social services, etc!

This is no revelation to the Newsom camp. They they know what’s at stake in four years and need your help to do right now, right here – write him!

Mayor Gavin Newsom
4104 24th Street #766
San Francisco, CA 94114
Phone: 1(415) 351-0359

About You. About Time. About-Face!

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San Francisco Mayor: Losing Ability to Walk?

Relax. Gavin Newsom has a clean bill of health, but City doctors say San Francisco's sidewalks are terminal.

There's too many obstilces to hazard walking in the City.

Case in point, the Flor de Lys, a French restaurant located nearby hustling Union Square, erected two huge cement planters in front of the building to bookend a red carpet that rolls enormous fanfare from the doorstep to curb perpendicular to the many who walk as to greet the few who don't.

While this would be welcome in Bellaire, Scottsdale or Palm Springs, it's obsticle here. These walkways are our lifelines delivering art students, downtown professionals, tourist, shoppers to galleries, theatres, etc.

Since when did merchants like the Flor de Lys own the sidewalk? This is not beautifiation, this is dirty business. This is obstruction. We need some mayoral angioplasty to step up and unclog our thoroughfares of this fatty French cuisine. I mean, if a minivan turned sideways on a commuter lane we’d call the National Guard, right?
Imagine a tree planted in driveway of your suburban home?

Please take a stroll to 777 Sutter Street between Taylor and Jones. Stop and gawk at the beautiful bottleneck. If you can't take the risk, we understand. Close your eyes and give me space as I back up and replay the scene... I SAID, I NEED ROOM PEOPLE... back it up! Ahhhhh, that's it - Merci Bucu!

"Traffic is completely severed."

Low and outside... Grandpa’s Cadillac door swings open on your left from the curbside choppng at your knees. Centered in front of the building with grand prestige are the two palm trees funneling skyward from the middle of the sidewalk like an angry 500 lb nose guard daring all on comers. Add a valet stand on your right and Grandma waltzing her walker like a hit and run es-car-got - viola! You’ve got yourself one Rude, French Clusterfuck!

"Care for a plate of Frogger dodging moving cars as you detour around the sidewalk and double-parked gas-guzzlers?"
I called Gavin’s 311, which I applaud; and hopefully the wheels are in motion, but I'm tired of playing hall monitor. There’s got to be a budget and personnel designated to proactively police our sidewalks.

Every time I turn on my television, I’ve some washed up actor like David Schwimmer lecturing me about Clean Air and Green Living; yet, how can I get to the Market & Powell MUNI/BART mall, without having to slalom through the outstretched arms of homeless zombies plus the litany of signs, podiums, plants and tables littered around bus stops, mailboxes, newspaper stands, etc.

If these greedy merchants can’t exercise some common sense and restraint, then someone on Gavin’s team should. I know a homeless solution is expensive, but a Sidewalk Czar shoud be relatively cheap, eh?


  • Why does spend dough to create an eyesore with a huge sign the reads, Intercity Home, on the side of a building on the 100 Block of 6th Street? I see it everyday returning to the City from the 101 – stupid!

  • Why does the abandoned building across the street with all the furniture bolted to the exterior walls have graffiti paintings of huge nipples?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Newsom Inspects Oil Spill

Gavin Newsom got his hands dirty today inspecting the 58,000 gallons of oil that spilled into the bay after a container ship rammed into the Bay Bridge. The mayor plans to take legal action against the responsible company or agency and is equally concerned over incorrect information from the Coast Guard about the extent of the spill.

Oil began leaking into the bay after the 65,131-ton Cosco Busan, an 810-foot-long container ship, crashed into the base of a tower of the Bay Bridge's western span in heavy fog at about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Until 9 p.m. Wednesday, the Coast Guard said only 140 gallons had spilled from the vessel. Coast Guard officials said that estimate came from the ship's owners and that the Coast Guard only realized the spill was much greater after it conducted its own inspection of the bay.

"When you're off by 58,000 gallons that's a big gap. This is not acceptable. This wasn't in the margin of error."

The damage to city property is still being assessed, and local officials said they are working with federal and regional authorities on the cleanup.

"I'm not saying anyone lied. I'm saying there was wrong information. It all goes to intent. Was there intent to mislead? That needs to be assessed. There's a lot of finger pointing right now....I'm just concerned about mitigating the damage and cleaning it up and then holding those people responsible."

U.S. Coast Guard Capt. William Uberti has said the initial cleanup response was appropriate, but city officials said today that had they known the spill was 58,000 early on, they would have laid down more boom lines and responded to the event with more urgency.

Complete Article:

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Gavin Sucks Polls

Inspired by Mayor Gavin Newsom’s Election Day Landslide we decided to test the public too.

Uninspired by the incumbent Mayor’s opposition, San Francisco voters stayed home in record numbers to complete our surveys.

Click the links and Get Results.

Gavin Sucks Poll results:Vote for your favorite Gav Girl?

- Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom?
- CSI Miami Actress Sofia Milos?
- 20-Year Old Brittanie Mountz?
- Actress Jennifer Siebel?
- Melrose Place Daphne Zuniga?
- Reality TV Star Erin Brodie?
- Cheating Ruby Rippey-Tourk?

- Socialite Paris Hilton or
Smokin' Hot Cecilia M. Vega 51%?

Gavin Sucks Poll: Should we dump Chris Daly?

  • Dump Daly
  • Another 4-Years

Gavin Sucks Poll: Agree with Gavin's 'Citation or Services' homeless program?

  • Yes, If they refuse shelter or housing, write a citation.
  • No, If they refuse shelter or housing, walk away.

Gavin Sucks Poll: Vote for your favorite Gav Gaffe?

Gavin Sucks Poll: Vote for your favorite Gav Theme Song?

  • Peter Bjorn and John – ‘Young Folks’ .mp3
  • The Rakes - ‘The World Was a Mess But His Hair Was Perfect’ .mp3
  • Franz Ferdinand – ‘Walk Away’ .mp3
  • Franz Ferdinand – ‘Cheating on You’ .mp3
  • Kaiser Chiefs – ‘Ruby’ .mp3
  • The Kooks – ‘Sofa Song’ .mp3
  • Spoon – ‘I Turn My Camera On’ .mp3
  • K.R.O. – ‘Strap On Your Pampers Diapers’ .mp3
  • Les Claypool – ‘Robot Chicken’ .mp3
  • Amy Winehouse – ‘Rehab’ .mp3
  • Fuck – ‘Diapers’ .mp3
  • Hayseed Dixie – ‘My Best friend’s Girl’ .mp3
  • 8-Bit – ‘Drunk’ .mp3
  • Hellogoodbye – ‘Homewrecker’ .mp3
  • Dee Dee Ramone – ‘Hop Around’ .mp3
  • Nous Non Plus – ‘One Night In Paris’ .mp3
  • Motorhead – ‘Jailbait’ .mp3
  • Minor Threat – ‘Betray’ .mp3
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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gavin Newsom Victory Party

Only 40% voter turnout. Guess everyone was at the Ferry Building Victory Party celebrating good times, come on!

"To my critics, this is an opportunity, and in some ways a reconciliation," I commit to working with you for the next four years, and I commit to resolving those areas where you still believe we can do better."

It's a celebration. Celebrate good times, come on!

Preliminarary Results:

  • Newsom - 75%

  • Hoogasian - 7%

  • Chang - 5%

Latest Election Day Results.

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Monday, November 5, 2007


The City's political analysts are predicting a record-low voter turnout in a mayoral election with incumbent Gavin Newsom running virtually unopposed for a second term.

This year, Left-wing critics like Superviser Chris Daly held a convention where they failed to nominate a challenger, so Newsom's challengers include a motley crew that includes a sex club owner, a homeless taxi driver and a nudist rights advocate, a clown, a video blogger and a chicken.

Newsom's job approval rating rose to 78% when San Francisco began performing gay marriages shortly after he took office and have hovered there since -even after he publicly admitted to a drinking problem and having an affair with a close aide's wife.

Despite the city's unflagging homelessness problem and a rising homicide rate, the mayor's poll numbers indicate San Franciscans are largely satisfied with the status quo, analysts said.

In the election's other marquee races, the Sheriff Sheriff Michael Hennessey also has no serious challengers, and District Attorney Kamala Harris is running unopposed. Out of 11 ballot propositions, only two competing measures to expand or restrict parking in the city have generated any passion.

Complete Article:

Video Credit: Vote Or Die by South Park

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Gavin Sucks Polls:

Mentally Ill, Homeless Bad Signs Ahead

CW Nevius reports a female police officer was attacked by a mentally ill homeless man known as the "the Sign Guy," described as a disheveled, shirtless street person who had been camped out at the edge of Justin Herman Plaza for months.

"Rick," as he was known in the area, wrote oddball phrases on his bare chest and festooned the trees in front of the shops with cardboard placards with outlandish messages. Some of the signs were gibberish and some, like the message below make pedestrians nervous.

"No talking! Just give me money."

Onlookers said at first when the officer approached, the man appeared to be mellow and cooperative. But, without warning, when he reached down to get something from his bag, he came up swinging.

Police spokesman Sgt. Steve Mannina says:

"He struck her in the face. She fell, and he got on top of her and continued to strike her."

Luckily, a passer-by jumped in and pulled the man off. More police arrived and arrested Richard Jaworski, 44, who had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court. In fact, he'd recently been in jail for a six-month sentence after an incident in January. His crime that time? Punching a police officer.

While Old school Progressives would have you question our right to challenge the rights of the mentally ill street people, New School Liberals offer a solution – Laura’s Law.

Three years ago, Gov. Gray Davis signed landmark legislation to help ensure outpatient treatment for seriously mentally ill people who pose a danger to themselves or others.

Assembly Bill 1421 became known as "Laura's Law," after Laura Wilcox, a 19-year-old college student from Nevada County who was among three people shot to death on Jan. 10, 2001, by 41-year-old Scott Harlan Thorpe. He was suffering from delusional paranoia and was convinced the FBI was trying to poison his food. Thorpe had resisted his family's efforts to get him into treatment.

Wilcox, a sophomore at Haverford College, was working as a receptionist at Nevada City's public mental-health clinic during her Christmas break when Thorpe's paranoia turned homicidal. That tragedy helped prompt California legislators to finally take steps toward updating laws that had made it virtually impossible to force dangerously mental ill people into a structured outpatient treatment.

Regrettably, Laura's Law has not been given a fair chance to work.

One of the provisions of the bill, the subject of years of contention in the state Capitol, left it to the counties to see that the law was carried out. It also gave them a giant escape clause to avoid the issue in lean times: Under AB1421, a county must certify that it has not implemented Laura's Law at the expense of any voluntary mental-health services.

Not surprisingly, an overwhelming majority of counties have not been able to summon the money or political will to carry out the author's vision of a structured system to compel seriously mentally ill people -- after consultation with their families and medical professionals, and with court approval -- to take the medications their very condition may prevent them from knowing they need.

One notable exception is Los Angeles County, where a pilot program has helped steer patients -- many of them homeless -- into supervised outpatient treatment programs.

Asked why San Francisco has yet to act on Laura's Law, especially in view of the relation between untreated mental illness and homelessness, Mayor Gavin Newsom acknowledged that he "dropped the ball on that" amid fiscal stresses and other pressing matters. But Newsom added that it was "something I was committed to early on" and he vowed to make its implementation a City Hall priority.

Apparently, daily commuters from the ferry felt uneasy about having to walk through a gantlet of signs each morning and evening. Regulars in the area expressed an increasing anxiety over the last two weeks and a longtime tabletop jewelry salesman in the plaza Sign-Guy said the Sign Guy’s behavior was “getting really crazy."

Can anything be done?

Yes, Gavin Newsom needs to overcome the obvious "institutional resistance" challenge specific to San Francisco as well as Anytown's obsticle - money! He can start by challenging the politics-as-usual culture through educational campaigns targeting the public and cloakroom politicking private business.

Quantify the cost of the status quo, ranging from quality-of-life to life itself. Put a price tag on it and sell police, social services, etc!

The time to write your mayor is now. You want Clean, Safe sidewalks and he needs political equity that can scale over four years to win a bigger office far outside The City limits and infinitely more conservative.

In other words, Gavin's 78% approval ratings here are worthless there. Believe me, the exchange rate for "Same Sex Marriages' alone could leae him bankrupt.

Without a compelling story ala Rudy Giuliani’s 911 and crime fighting fetes, Newsom will be hard pressed to cash in as a Governor or Senator.

This is no revelation to the Newsom camp. They they know what’s at stake in four years and need your help right now, right here – write him!

Mayor Gavin Newsom
4104 24th Street #766
San Francisco, CA 94114
Phone: 1 (415) 351-0359

Complete Article:

Breaking News: Drug Dealers Not From the City by Examiner

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Gavin Sucks Polls:

Chicken John Debates Newsom

Showman-Gone-Politician, Chicken John Rinaldi, returned to his roots, stage a mock debate with Gavin Newsom at Chet Poulet, entertaining questions regarding credibility, “artists cocaine connect” and “progress by the numbers” statistics… and “winning second place.”

Newsom invited the audiance to visit Gavin featuring an Accountability Matrix with over 200 election promises to the citizens of San Francisco.

"I am proud to say, 84% of these initiatives have been completed or ongoing or in the process of er… ah oh. Next question?"
Complete Article:

Breaking News:

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Britney Spears Audacious Mayor

Gumshoe comic genius, Matt Smith, continues to attack our fair mayor with his latest betrayal portrayal announcing Gavin Newsom’s new public relations campaign called “audaciousness.”

Gavin likens himelf to pop diva Britney Spears, claiming his personal fiascos were strategic and ready to bounce back from behind the music, bigger, better and more audacious than ever!

“Yeah … She’s audacious. And, she’s gonna come back stronger than before. I’m audacious, and I’m gonna come back and be re-elected mayor. Every rock star has to hit rock bottom.”

Comic Strips:

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Golden Showers Rain On Castro

You don’t need to be a weatherman to which way the wind blows and Citizens for Halloween are forecasting golden showers, predicting a thunder clash of party revelers and cops with no port-a-potties in sight.

Co-founder and SF Party Party blogger, Ted Strawser, reached out to Castro resident and Port-a-potty guy, Michael Staley, in an effort to dam the urine river before it starts, offering outhouses to neighborhood homeowners.

But, on Tuesday, the Department of Public Works informed him that it would violate city bylaws to issue him a port-a-john.

Instead, The City hopes to stem the tide with a combination of lame PSA Announcements, Aggressive Law Enforcement, and Intimidating Bar Owners.

The No Halloween In the Castro Ads urge partiers to stay home or head somewhere other than the Castro:

“Because this year, the Castro is not where it’s happening”

The City’s Law Enforcement Plan includes:

• Deputy Chief David Shinn says Capt. John Goldberg will head the Mission Station, will receive reports every half hour from command stations throughout the city to deploy police as needed. He Shinn described a “aggressive enforcement” policy for drunkenness, public urination and other likely offenses.

• Shinn and at least half a dozen other officials made pains to note that Muni buses and drivers will be available to ferry “platoons” of cops around town like troop transports.

• Unlike the past, the streets will only be barricaded on an as-needed basis. Also, less of the Castro will be off-limits for parking than in the past.

• Large numbers of Meter Maids and Tow Trucks will be on-scene, to expedite the towing of cars in the no-parking zones, driveways or sidewalks.

California Highway Patrol officers will be manning DUI checkpoints.

Joe Alioto Veronese, a civil rights attorney, also pointed out that by canceling the official Halloween event and opting not to barricade streets, the city had no legal right to subject random citizens to a weapons check as it did last year.

A number of Castro denizens went on to angrily accuse Supervisor Bevan Dufty, the mayor’s office and the police of attempting to intimidate local businesses into closing on Halloween – as the Weekly noted in its latest print edition.

European in the Castro?

I guess Gavin’s PSA’s don’t include subtitles - lol. Seriously, get your nose plugs out. No rain ’til Wednesday - peewww-eeee!

Complete Article: 100,000 People Are Coming: Where Will They Urinate? by Joe Eskenazi, SF Weekly

Breakin News: Castro Business Owners Forced to Board Up by Traci Grant, NBC11

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tent City

While San Francisco's Mayor Gavin Newsom roundly criticizes the war on drugs of robbing our prisons of precious cell space, Sheriff Michael Hennessey echoes his sentiments quietly freeing violent offenders back onto the streets.

That is, until Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio rides into with some old fashioned justice.

Last week,Hennessey said, “his hands are tied" by overcowding; and I say his early releases are effectively unknotting the mayor’s “services or citation” arrests, locking us into vicious cycle of “catch and release.”

It's like losing an old fashioned shootout by slightest margin of points - heartbreaking. The mayor lights up the scoreboard with huge numbers in his reelection bid; nevertheless, we lose as vegabonds play trading spaces with addicts and theives - not to mention overworked and under appreciated SFPD.

Enter Sheriff Joe, just in time to save the day with a temporary, permanent solution – Tent City.

Sheriff Joe says, If you can’t beat ‘em in Golden Gate Park, then join ‘em!
Pitch a Tent, Portable Fence and Toilets too.
Where the buffalo roam, polo horses play, windmills curn and rose gardens flourish stands a temporary solution to a permanent problem, economically and compassionately providing food, shelter and directing the homeless into programs they desperately need and desperately reject.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Turf War In The Tenderloin

Haight Drugs, Heart Newsom!

Mayor Gavin Newsom launched another operation targeting the drug trafficking in the Tenderloin, Mission and Market Street with a weeklong crackdown in which SFPD arrested over a hundred suspected drug dealers!!!

The latest sting went Monday to Sunday and involved officers posing as drug users seeking heroin, crack cocaine and methamphetamine.

Captain Tim Hettrich of San Francisco police narcotics detail said the price of drugs on the street is going up.
"That means there is not as much of it, or we are making a dent in making these buys."
Hettrich added nearly three quarters of the dealers were from outside the city and the narcotics unit seized $1.5 million in methamphetamine in the first six months of the year, and the price on the street has gone from $12,000 a pound to $17,000 a pound.

"It's like a farmer's market out there - a pharmaceutical market - it's non-stop. We are out there every day, week in and week out.”
With a price increase, he added, more dealers are coming from out of town and drug-related violence has increased as dealers fight over turf.
Complete Article: Tenderloin Drug Sweep by Jaxon Van Derbeken, Chronicle

Gavin Newsom's Report Card

As Written by Chronicle's Cecilia M. Vega:

From behind the desk in his stately City Hall office, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom looks back on his first term and says the "chattering class" - his term for political insiders - got it all wrong when they thought they had him figured out.

When he was elected in 2003, Newsom was the young, rich entrepreneur who made his political name with a plan to slash welfare checks to the homeless. He was expected to serve the downtown businesses that helped elect him and not disturb the patronage politics of his predecessor and political benefactor, Mayor Willie Brown.
"There was a characterization that was advanced during the campaign that was quite difficult for me, being painted as ... disconnected from the challenges of reality, real people."
Four years later, San Francisco's youngest mayor in a century still contends with the Pacific Heights liberal label, thanks to his society wedding to prosecutor-turned-TV commentator Kimberly Guilfoyle, his posing for fashion magazine photo spreads with her at the Getty mansion before their 2005 divorce, and the playboy-ish pursuits that have followed.

But Newsom has surprised observers by being far more politically progressive than many anticipated, displaying an eagerness to clear the air of cronyism and influence-buying that long hung over the mayor's office and showing a willingness to put his political future in jeopardy by taking a stance on same-sex marriage that, while popular in San Francisco, was eschewed by many, including key Democrats on the national scene.

Newsom is a politician who seems to revel in the world of policy, a technocrat who praises managerial "best practices," who rattles off statistics in almost robotic manner, who seems to announce a new program or initiative every week - from the big, like universal health care, to the small, like visits to schools. But at times his follow-through has fallen flat.

Complete Article: Newsom Reflects On 4-Years of Ups & Downs As Election Approaches

On Deck: Cecilia Covers the Other Mayoral Candidates

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Friday, October 19, 2007

City's New Sit Down, Shoot Up Drug Cafe

The Associated Press reports about 150 people gathered in the Mission District to build community support for a city-funded safe-injection center, including backing from Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Board of Supervisors.

Heroin and Cocaine aren’t cheap and sort of addicting. Good luck keeping a job to support your habit. Shooting drugs is a real slippery slope:

B) Homeless
C) Thievery
D) All of the Above.

If you answered “All of the Above,” you were correct.
Why spend taxpayer's money to sit and watch junkies kill themselves, when we can build a jail complete with a rehab center?

The law is supposed to be blind; not us citizen's who trip over these chalk outlines on our way to work. Junkies are just as responsible for upholding the law as the people they rob. Enough of this preferential drug treament, jail them! If mayor’s new “services or citation” sweeps don't net these zombies, then holding, selling illegal should.

Sure, zero will want to participate and few will succeed. Yet, better behind bars, than in front me. The chronic users return to the streets,only long enough to violate their probation and earn longer and longer sentences.
Alive in jail or dead on bail - don't care! In fact, 911 should answer overdose calls with two options: prison time or funeral parlor?

The only good junky is a dead junky. The problem is the addicts living amongst us; and the solution is jail. My 'soul' goal is clean, safe streets for taxpayers and voters who've had it with vagrancy, panhandling, defecating in doorways and other quality-of-life crimes:

  • Dirty Needles in Golden Gate Park

  • Busted Car Windows

  • Muggings at Knifepoint

  • Constant Paper Cup Jiggling Change

  • AIDS, Hepatitis C, Etc.

But seriously, I agree with Gavin Newsom's assesment of the war on drugs as well as these services from police to facilities to counselors won't be cheap, but the status quo is more costly - maybe, your life? Have you walked the Tenderloin lately... It looks like a third world country and now the City want's us to add a drug den?
I'm not a social worker, but I know how to tie my shoes and wipe ass; and this drug den idea stinks - flush it!

One alternative to overflowing jails is to build a “Tent City” in the Golden Gate Park in which to incarcerate ‘low risk’ inmates with the autority to funnel these addicts and eyesores into mandated programs and out of my face!

Complete Article: San Francisco Considering Safe-Injection Center For Drug Users

Breaking News: SF Injection Center Draws Support & Doubt

Photo Credit: MESH Magazine

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No Vacancy!

Full Jails + Tight Budgets = Early Releases.

Okay, we get it. Gavin’s got no room and no budget to house the homeless (behind bars).

San Francisco Sheriff Michael Hennessey says he's forced to let theives and addicts go free - essentially reversing the Mayor's "services or citation" programs into a "catch and release" revolving door.
Only, Homelessness, Drugs and Homicides aren't going away.
Nor are the Drugs, Prostitution, Panhandling and defication that seed AIDS, Malaria and TB outbreaks associated with the squalar, squatting under bridges, over sidewalks and in our doorways - thereby living amongst us in our living rooms and at our throat.
Just like subsidized flu shots, helping alcoholics, addicts or otherwise helps everyone – most importantly voters!
Not just San Franciscans stand to benefit by helping those who don't want our help. Slightly, this is a national issue central to our City in which Gavin most stands to profit.

Neighsayers, would argue Gavin’s criminalizing the homeless in order to serve big business or ride the pendulum swing of public reaction.
They’re right, but with a caveat...
  • Firstly, the “Services or Citation” approach is completely appropriate. It takes a badge and a stick, not a carrot to pull this rabbit out of a hat. Nine out of homeless refuse housing and shelter.

  • Next, it's Gavin's not the Chaplain on M.A.S.H or Mahatma Gandhi. He's a politician running for election - four year's from now! San Francisco 2007 was never a question: rather, he’s running for the next big thing far outside The City limits with a constituency infinitely more conservative... and we all stand to benefit!

  • Lastly, it behooves San Franciscans to help Gavin, help us by harnessing these quality-of-life arrests to not only make a difference in the perpetrators (them) lives, but to make a difference for the victims (us).
“We want to walk down the street with no danger on our back and no hand out in our face!”
I propose we benevolently house the homeless in a tent city at Golden Gate Park for the duration of their sentences. This way we can minimize cost through centralizing volunteers and professionals to feed, clothe, shelter the homeless and beyond – diagnosing and counseling individuals towards behavioral, drug and educational programs they would otherwise reject.

Homelessness is at epidemic high impacting everyone in any endeavor. You can’t run from it, so stand up and fight... and help our fair mayor get re-elected anyplace, but here.

Truth is I like Newsom. I recognize myself in his mistakes. I think he's reconciling the not so distant past and is finally acting with the urgency and leadership we need. Hopefully, he's making some noise at Federal and State level too.

Matier & Ross writes:

While the public clamors for safer streets and a crackdown on quality-of-life crimes, San Francisco Sheriff Michael Hennessey is quietly allowing scores of drug users and petty thieves to walk out of jail early so they don't have to sleep on the floor.

The early releases were ordered last week even as all but one wing of a 360-bed County Jail at San Bruno sat empty, the result of budget and staff shortages.

It's just the latest wrinkle in San Francisco's revolving-door justice system, and it helps explain why - despite the public furor - it's so hard to keep petty criminals behind bars.

"If they keep bringing more people in for low-risk crimes, at some point I'm not even going to take them, and that point is coming up pretty darn soon."
The sheriff says he's housing about 2,100 prisoners in a 2,000-bed jail system. For the past few months, an average of 50 to 60 prisoners have slept on the floor, with others stashed in temporary police lockups.

Hennessey says his hands are tied. In fact, he says the jailhouse crunch would have been far worse had he not already shaved as much as 30 days off the sentences of thousands of other low-risk prisoners over the past two years under a parole program that most other jurisdictions rarely invoke.

To help ease crowding, Hennessey has opened one 60-bed wing of the empty County Jail No. 5 in San Bruno - but in the process is burning up his overtime budget. The jail, built in 1989, had been shut since the city opened a state-of-the-art replacement last year for the 550-bed Jail No. 3, a Depression-era hulk that was the subject of prisoner-rights lawsuits.
"You can't continue to crack down on drugs, crack down on the homeless and make more typical drunk-driving and violent-offender arrests without having the jail space to put them in; and you can't keep hiring more cops - who if they're doing their jobs are going to make more arrests - without having the space."
For his part, Mayor Gavin Newsom is "committed to pursuing a variety of options" to address the overcrowding, a spokesman said. Those include home detention monitoring and residential drug treatment.

"It's not just a matter of locking them up," spokesman Nathan Ballard said.

Until the city finds the money and answers, however, Hennessey says he'll keep releasing prisoners early.

Complete Article: S.F. jails' tight budget means early release for petty criminals

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Gavin Sucks Polls:

Newsom Suspends Whistle Blowing Cop

San Francisco police officer, Sgt. John Lewis of Park Station, wants to turn back time to get a jump on the homeless.

Lewis is under departmental investigation - and could be suspended - for writing a letter to The Chronicle criticizing the way Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Police Department are handling the homeless problem in Golden Gate Park.

According to police sources, Sgt. John Lewis of Park Station is being investigated for authoring a letter that "undermines the efficiency of the department."

Lewis' letter, published on The Chronicle's editorial page Aug. 15, questioned the Newsom administration's tactic of sending cops and outreach workers into the park before dawn to steer campers into social programs or, if they refused, cite them for quality-of-life crimes.

"Instead of sending a horde of people into the park at 4 a.m., the city should be sending this same horde into the park from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., when the real problems exist."
Lewis, who has 20 years with the department, wrote that the campers were neither interested in programs nor concerned about being cited, and that the real problem was during the day when drug use, drug dealing, drinking and fights were commonplace.
What's the big deal? Instead of citing the fast asleep and drunk, operate at a decent hour and arrest the wide awake and drinking. This way, we'll have more to prosecute!
Police Officers Association President Gary Delagnes said that if charges are filed and upheld, Lewis could face anything from an admonishment to a suspension.

Complete Arcticle: SF Cop On Hot Seat For Writing Sizzling Letter About Homeless by Matier & Ross

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Grasshopper, Chicken On FOX

What, no Wolf?

Watch candidate Josh Wolf's interview with formidible opponent Stephen Colbert.

Sean Penn: Anyone, But Newsom!

The timing is a little speculative as the fling deadline for the mayoral election has passed; nonetheless, Wonkette just posted that Sean Penn has offered to stake Matt Gonzalez a $5 million dollar war chest to run against Gavin Newsom with the caveat Gonzalez hop to the Democratic Party.

When Spicoli says, “Let’s Party,” he means Gonzo and a Donkey Show!

John Clark Jr. goes on to write; Matt really wasn't sure if his Hollywood pal was serious and we’re not sure if Wonkette is stretching the truth either. We're still trying to finish off our last serving of gossip - fresh off the hot stove:

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Vote For Your Favorite Gavin Gaffes

Down Goes Newsom.
Down Goes Newsom.

With Mayor Gavin Newsom’s only debate appearance in the rearview mirror and snooze control ahead – Election Day, it’s time to back and reflect on Newsom’s biggest blunders.

I’m certain Senior Adviser, Eric Jaye, not only warned Newsom off debating; rather, he has directed him to an underground bunker at an undisclosed location for guarded care where the heavily sedated mayor will be strapped to a bed and carefully monitored in an effort to protect Newsom from himself.

Gavin Sucks Poll: Vote For Your Favorite Gavin Gaffe?

Vote For Your Favorite Gavin Newsom Date

Who's your preferred piece of pie?

It's been almost a year since SFist zipped up their poll. So, we thought to open our Vote For Your Favorite Gavin Newsom Date election.

Brittanie as Ms. Pac-Man lying on her back eating delicious Gav Girl pie!

Of course, things have cooled considerably between the Gav and Barely-legal Brittanie Mountz ... while picking up with Jennifer Siebel's gal pal and Melrose Place star, Daphne Zuniga, sidekick Paris Hilton, and the mayor's latest squeeze the smokin' hot journalist Cecilia M. Vega. Don't forget Ruby Rippey-Tourk!
When it comes to polls, it wouldn't be a dance-off without Ruby!
Previous results are in pie graph -- but if you can't read the names and numbers in those little wedges, here they are in legible form:

Gavin Sucks Poll: Vote for your favorite Gav Girl

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Photo Credit: SFist

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Newsom Ducks Debate

The reigning Chump, Gavin Newsom, climbed into the ring less than willing to spar with serious unknowns like Quintin Mecke, Dr. Ahimsa Porter-Sumchai, Lonnie Holmes and Harold Hoogasian.

Yet, with 78% Approval Ratings and a roomful of backward Progressives:

Why give a pretender a shot at the title?

GavinWatch Report Card:

  • At least nine of Gavin’s challengers are serious candidates capable of making strong arguments for why we need a new Mayor. The audience was generally engaged and impressed.
  • Gavin has little respect for his challengers. He sauntered in 45 minutes late, eating into the time of the only forum he’s agreed to attend.
  • Gavin only participated on the condition that ABC7 not broadcast the debate, thus depriving a large audience of seeing how he stacks up to the competition.
  • Gavin refuses to participate in any real, televised debates that gives candidates more than 30 seconds to speak or allows for rebuttals.

Gavin wasn’t the only one taking time out in the corner. The Chronicle's Smoking Hot Cecilia M. Vega got a ‘D’ for continually walking Mecke and other Revenge of the Nerds candidates off the page to the back of the Delta House.

Though she described Gavin as tardy and superficial – Ouch! Hearsay has it, Cecilia's pulling her punches (and breaking my heart) as the rumor mill spins:

"The striking reporter is romantically linked with the handsom mayor."

While gossipers are gullible, this blogger remains uncompromised (by the facts). Let me assure you, I have the utmost integrity and given the opportunity to get up close and personal, I promise to keep a professional distance - that'll be $50.00 Gav!

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Video Credit: GavinWatch