Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gavin Strikes Back!

Everything you've heard is true. I was ambushed in what I can only perceive to be a retaliatory 'drive by' hit executed by the mayor's minions. Gavin's Outlawz rolled up on me in front of my hommies at a "New Media Correspondents Club" happy hour organized by Ted of SF Party Party.

From behind knockoff Gucci sunglasses complete with matching brunette bobs, Maggie and Alex orchestrated a 'first to bomb' splash down with precision and timing - spilling the contents of their cocktails full-frontal. Obviously, professionally calculated by Gavin Newsom’s gruesome twosome from the Mayor And The Hair . The whole mess smacks of a East Coast-West Coast Hip Hop rivalry resurrected between new Death Row Blogger, ‘2Smac’ Gavin and the ‘Notorious P.I.G.’ Gavin Newsom.

"You Niggaz Done Changed. I’m callin’ all Komradz... and my posse runs deep. Ready to Die – biatchez!"

~ '2Smac' Gavin

Onlookers including Jon of SFist, Paul of Beyond Chron, Joe of, Sasha of Left In SF and others were shocked and horrified. A few cried out,

"That's not cool!"

"Don't hate the playah-hater... hate the lame!"

As Gav's thugs scurried away. I looked down to see. I was hit - a red liquid poured out of me, soaked and a little embarrassed. Yet, in hindsight both ladies had nice badonkadonks, so it was well worth it in the end... though it's not over 'til it's over!

Peace Out,


PS: If Gavin were a man, he'd wouldn't send a couple Marina girls like Maggie and Alex to do his bidding. Get some balls!

For more coverage, commentary: Calitics, SF Junto, SFist and Left in SF.

GavinWatch Watching The Detectives

Rather GavinWatch is watching the City Attorneys in a blog that investigates the investigation into the $10,154 payment Ruby Rippey-Tourk received from the City. They dug up a few answers:

Of the 1,297 records of applications for the Catastrophic Illness Program (CIP), Ruby Rippey-Tourk’s is the only application approved for substance abuse.

  • Less than a dozen other CIP applications were based on substance abuse problems. They were all denied.

  • Rippey-Tourk is also the only employee ever approved for the CIP after submitting her resignation and after securing a new job.
Yet, many questions remain unearthed:

  • What was Rippey-Tourk’s life threatening condition? In April she was capable of participating in a Benefit Magazine event and in September she went to work for the magazine. Dr. Katz said he “approves a request (for CIP) only if he concludes that there is a reasonable chance that the employee is at risk of dying.” But he also said that “substance abuse alone was not sufficient to qualify.”
  • Why was Rippey-Tourk’s resignation letter unsigned and why did it fail to specify a date of resignation?
  • Why did Rippey-Tourk not sign her separation letter until the day after her CIP application was approved?
  • What work did Rippey-Tourk do in preparation for the Benefit Radio show launch on September 9, 2006 (nine days after she left City employment)?
  • Who are the employees that donated 4.5 weeks of leave time to Rippey-Tourk? We know this is confidential information, but the only way to clear the air is for these people to come forward. Otherwise, how are we to know that it wasn’t the result of pressure or coercion in the Mayor’s office?
Check out: Rippey-Tourk Received Preferential Treatment

GavinWatch delivers an indepth timeline of Rippey-Tourk and the Catastrophic Illness Program and explains why they have lost any sympanthy they had for the Tourks.

The $10,154 Question Begs for Answers

Cecilia M. Vega, San Francisco Chronicle writes:

Ruby Rippey-Tourk appears to be the only city employee ever granted catastrophic-illness pay for treatment of alcohol addiction, a decision approved by the head of the Public Health Department, the report, issued by City Attorney Dennis Herrera, showed.

City attorney's investigators interviewed at least six officials during a nearly two-month inquiry, including the mayor's current and former chiefs of staff. They did not interview Rippey-Tourk, who refused to waive her confidentiality right so investigators could discuss her treatment for substance abuse in the report, or her husband [Alex Rippey-Tourk], who refused to cooperate. Investigators also did not interview [Gavin] Newsom.

The investigation also found that while Rippey-Tourk worked in Newsom's office, several of her time sheets were signed by her husband, Alex Tourk, then the mayor's deputy chief of staff, who later became his campaign manager. Other time sheets had no approval signature, and some were signed by Rippey-Tourk herself.

No city laws or policies were broken, however, because the mayor's office did not have a policy on time sheets, the report said. But "because Mr. Tourk approved his wife's time sheets, this practice was inappropriate and at least created the appearance of impropriety," it concluded.

The main findings of San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera's report:
  • No city law or policy was violated when Ruby Rippey-Tourk, former appointments secretary for Mayor Gavin Newsom, was granted $10,154 in catastrophic-illness pay to be treated for substance abuse. Rippey-Tourk, however, appears to be the only city employee ever to receive such pay to be treated for substance abuse.

  • She is the only city employee ever to receive such payments after announcing her intention to quit.

  • Some of Rippey-Tourk's time sheets were approved by Rippey-Tourk herself and others by her husband, then Mayor Gavin Newsom's deputy chief of staff, but no law was broken because there was no policy governing who could sign time sheets.

  • Rippey-Tourk's subsequent employment at a magazine did not conflict with her receiving catastrophic-illness pay from the city.

City Supervisor Quotes:

"Anyone concerned about their tax dollars being used as hush money for Newsom's paramour should be outraged."

~ Supervisor Chris Daly

"The report is not as complete as I would have liked. The mayor was not interviewed in the report and neither were the Tourks. It raises as many questions as it answers."

~ Board President Aaron Peskin as reported by KRON 4's Tamar Sarkissian

Blog Quotes:

“Was this preferential treatment for a woman who had a sexual relationship with the Mayor? Or was it hush money to keep the Tourk’s quiet?”

~ GavinWatch

“Good for you, Dennis Herrera. Your independent “investigation” of the City’s retroactive payments to Ruby Tourk found no laws broken by Gavin Newsom. Do you think you locked in any key endorsements for your next office with this prize piece of work?”

~ SF Party Party

“The question here is – what standards did the Health Department employ for who qualifies for a catastrophic illness? If there were none, the City could get sued by disqualified applicants for an abuse of discretion.”

Paul Hogarth, Beyond Chron

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Newsom To Cut Delores Park Movie Night

SF Party Party is reports the Newsom Administration is proposing changes to park-use permits that will edit events like Dolores Park Movie Night or SF Mime Troupe from the San Francisco social scene.

The proposal is to stop allowing events to rent only part of a park. The new permit fee structure would require an event like Dolores Park Movie night to rent the park in its entirty; and therefore, pay a rate based on the maxim number of people that could fill the park. Currently, they only pay for what they use. Under the current method, a permit for a few hundred person movie night is only a few hundred dollars. Under the new method, the permit will cost $12,000.

SF Party Party is predicting the Delores Park Movie Night is just the first of many non-profit public event to hit the editing room floor, but not the last to fall. For more about this evil dominoe theory: Newsom Administration to kill Dolores Park Movie Night and SF Mime Troupe.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Gavin Newsom Sucks Poll

I know, I left off a couple of issues such as MUNI and Pedestrians (not Cars) at Golden Gate Park. Yet, there's plenty to pick from.

I appreciate the input and looking to the results. Thanks!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Walkaway Mayor

And the Oscar goes to GavinWatch!!!

I love the soundtrack and imagery of the Gav shaking off a Danny Noyes backdoor slider for strike three and heading to the dugout where he holds his breath until the I-Team replaces their ace reporter with some bush league reliever to lob Mayor McChicken a few softies - What a wimp?

“Ahhh… Come on, mayor. Step up to the plate.”

~ Dan Noyes, I-Team Channel 7

It’s the equivalent of kid walking away with the monopoly board, until everyone let’s him cheat - whaaa!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Noyes Annoys Newsom

Investigative journalist with the Channel 7 I-Team, Dan Noyes, was deliberately snubbed by Gavin Newsom following a press conference, Wednesday; in which, questions were taken. The cold shoulder is a product the product of solid journalism holding the Newsom to accountability and exposing his poor decisions and lack of leadership - finally resulting in this chilly meltdown.

Fog City Journal writes elected officials are obligated to give an honest and truthful answer to any question posed by journalists. The fourth estate, after all, is an essential component of our democracy that functions to protect the public from abuse of powers and to inform the public about important issues.
“The mayor is happy to talk to any reporter and any reporter from channel 7, but has made it clear on a number of occasions his views on Dan Noyes."
~ Nathan Ballard, The Mayor’s Office of Communications

By not responding to Noyes’ question, Newsom comes across as weak and incapable of handling tough questions. Are we to conclude that Newsom has something to hide, or that he lacks the skill to deal with reporters he perceives to be hostile?

Essentially, this is the baseball equivalent to Newsom standing in the on deck circle until the Channel 7 I-Team replaces ace pitcher, Barry Zito, with a reliever from the bullpen to lob a few soft balls his way. What a wimp?

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Gavin Newsom Sucks Microphone

You heard it here first, Gavin Sucks! Now, we have pictures to prove it.

Once again, the San Francisco mayor, Gavin Newsom, elects to impress us with another ‘poor personal decision’ (See: City Hall Sex Scandal; Diapers; Underage Drinking) when he demonstrates his oral sex best practices by wrapping his lips around a reporters microphone – an act he will need to repeat on each voter (including yours truly) if he intends to win re-election.

Check out the video as the Gav makes good on his cold shoulder promises to Dan Noyes by ignoring his questions regarding patient deaths at Laguna Honda Hospital.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Danny Glover - Everything Newsom's Not?

Blogs Abuzz About Possible Glover S.F. Mayoral Bid

(CBS 5) SAN FRANCISCO With few would-be challenegers surfacing to face San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom in this fall's election, left-wing bloggers are abuzz about the notion of having actor Danny Glover mount a mayoral bid, according to CBS 5 commentator and Chronicle newspaper columnist Phil Matier.

While Glover may have first gained notariety as an actor in movies like 'Lethal Weapon,' the San Francisco native who remains a resident of the city has garnered attention in more recent times as an activist for causes ranging from civil rights to death penalty opposition.

Matier notes that Glover's activism has also extended to the political arena; he supported Green Party candidate Matt Gonzalez's bid to become San Francisco's mayor four years ago when Newsom was first elected. Glover also backed Ron Dellums, who was elected as Oakland's new mayor last November.

"Danny Glover is everything Newsom is not," one blog poster wrote on the
SFJunto site.

"Newsom's chief asset seems to be his celebrity status," another poster
wrote. "Neutralize that and an issue-based contest might be possible. Newsom
loses on his record."

Glover's publicist, Michelle Vega, reacted to the blog clamoring for a Glover mayoral run by saying simply to Matier: "We don't have any comment at this time."

Check out the Video.