Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama Snub Still Rubs Newsom

I stumbled across an interesting post on C.W. Nevius Blog, asserting Gavin Newsom is still rankled by Barack Obama snub dating back to 2004.

Allegedly, when Gavin Newsom was the poster boy for gay-friendly straight men everywhere, did Barack Obama shy away from having his picture taken with the San Francisco mayor?

Newsom insiders say yes; Obama insiders call the claim "ridiculous."

Perhaps, that is why Newsom supported Hillary Clinton? There are some who think this story was a calculated move to drive gay voters to Hillary. And there are others, like former SF mayor Willie Brown, who see good reason why Obama, then running for U.S. Senate, might've have shied away from connecting himself with gay marriage back at a time when the idea was see nas much more "radical" than it is today.

Read this San Francisco Chronicle story and decide for yourself:

Complete Article: Obama snub still rankles Newsom by SFGate.com

Photo Credit: Good As You.com

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