Monday, July 21, 2008

Are Ya Insane?

If a picture's worth a 1000 votes, the Nader for President campaign likely owes Crow Soup (Flickr) the reminaing 500 (they haven't got) for snapping this gem.

With Barack Obama running as the Democratic nominee, Nader and company will be hard-pressed to reach Green Party activists/pacifists.

Too bad, Republican hopeful and genuine Independent candidate, John McCain won't benefit by the hippy vote as George W. Bush did before him.

But wait! Act now, and you also get Matt Gonzalez. How do we do it?

Substraction by addition!

Bottom of the barrel for Bottom of the ticket, Matt Gonazlez too weak to run against Gavin Newsom, wants to be a heartbeat away from leader of the free world. Are ya insane?

Gonzo's the Major League equivalent of a AAA washout scratching his initials into an All-Star ballot.

Bush league! This is a National Election, not the Lottery. If ya really care about the environment, stop wasting our time, dime and littering the streets with your worthless signs.

It was time to hang it up, before you began.

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