Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Newsom Back Behind Bars

Nope, not San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's favorite watering hole, Plumpjack and Balboa Cafe owned by Newsom and former socialite pal, Billy Getty.

Rather, an unusual jailhouse visit to obtain access codes to the city's computer network.

City engineer Terry Childs had been accused of withholding the access codes and has been jailed since July 13 on felony counts. Prosecutors said he was trying to block access to a vital city network.

A team of code crackers brought in from Cisco Systems had been working around the clock to try to decipher Childs' codes, but with only marginal success.

Then, Childs' lawyer, Erin Crane, called the mayor's office Monday afternoon, offering a jailhouse meeting.

"It wasn't cheap and I just couldn't see us keep spending that kind of money"

Without hesitation, the mayor acted to pay a secret visit to the jail and waled away with the codes. He was there inside of thirty minutes.

  • Do not contact City Attorney, Kamila Harris.
  • Do not contact Chief of Police, Heather Fong.
  • Do pass go and collect the code!

The lawyer says Childs had been the victim of a plot to force him out of his job.I admire both Child's enginuity born of his necessity, not compunction, to leverage his hand to win an audiance with the mayor, attempting to navagate through the murky judicial system as well as Newsom's willingness to quickly grant it on the City's behalf - saving taxpayers money!

This is just another reason why Gavin Newsom does NOT suck indeed!

Complete Article: SF Mayor Gets Keys To City Computer by Matier & Ross

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