Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gavin Gives Real Alcoholics A Bad Name!

Gavin Newsom joins Patrick Kennedy and Mark Foley in the most predictable and conniving political move of his wacky career, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom told department heads at City Hall that he is seeking counseling for alcohol abuse.

Why is it that every time a politician gets in trouble, he or she immediately pleads alcoholism and/or drug dependency, prays to God and family for forgiveness, and demands to be coddled like a helpless victim for years to come?

In somewhat of a surprise, Newsom has not entered rehabilitation. In fact, His Honor claims that he does not need to take any time off from his official duties. Of course, it's the after hour, non-official duties that got Da Mayor into hot water in the first place.

By the way, when was the last time that a person really smitten by alcohol abuse was able to avoid taking at least some time off?

Perhaps Newsom is just building a "Jack Daniel's made me do it!" case for his reelection portfolio? You know, convince voters that you are the victim of a medical condition, one so severe that you were driven against your better judgment and moral standards into the amorous clutches of your campaign manager's wife.

Such a strategy requires Newsom to convince voters that he is a "powerless" wimp who would have acted properly if alcohol had not been rammed down his lustful throat.But why would sophisticated voters in a major American city reelect a powerless wimp who has an addiction to booze and wild women?

The truth: Despite all the braggadocio, there are precious few sophisticated voters in San Francisco and, politicians like Gavin Newsom, Patrick Kennedy, and Mark Foley give real alcoholics a bad name!

~ As writen by John Lillpop: Politicians In Recovery Give Real Alcoholics a Bad Name

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