Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm No 'Wacko'

Union City police arrested new age author Han Shin (42). Shin is accused of stalking Gavin Newsom, and on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after he tried to run over an ex's roommate.

Shin was charged in November with threatening to kill his 76-year-old mother. Although his parents had a restraining order, the police found him at their house hiding in the closet.

Earlier this week, Newsom sought a restraining order, as his long-time supporter after Shin talked his way into Newsom's apartment building. Once inside, according to court records, he presented the doorman with pictures of himself with Newsom, and another of Newsom standing next to an Asian man wearing only a diaper, and asked if Newsom was home.

Shin showed up regularly at Newsom appearances and recently began displaying "bizarre" behavior towards the Gav. Earlier this month, a police officer had to physically separate the two men after Shin, wearing purple latex gloves, reportedly grabbed Newsom. It's also been reported that he attempted to flirt with the Gav.

Obsession? Purple Latex gloves? What's next?

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