Wednesday, March 21, 2007

City Closes GavinWatch Launch Party

Regrettably, GavinWatch had to postpone thier Re-Launch party, originally scheduled for this Thursday. It turns out, Balazo gallery has been shutdown by the City. They are busy searching for a new venue and plan to re-schedule the Re-Launch Party sometime in the next two weeks.

I smell a rat in City Hall. Nixonian ‘Dirty Tricks’ wouldn’t be a first for Gavin Newsom’s Chief Spokesman, Peter Ragone, who admitted to posting comments on local news-oriented Web sites using the identity of other people.

The admission came the same day Newsom was confronting a political crisis over revelations he had an affair with an aide who is married to his campaign manager. Suspicion began to center on the blog postings last week after SFist identified the Internet Protocol address for a home computer that Ragone had been using to make comments under his own name.

Editors at the Web site checked to ensure that somebody wasn't impersonating Ragone -- but soon discovered similar comments had been posted from the same home computer but under other names and sometimes early in the morning before 8 a.m.Other pro-Newsom blog posts made from Ragone's computer were signed by his wife and someone using the name Byorn. Peter Ragone said he didn't recall using the name Byorn.

"If it's from my (computer) IP (address), it must be me.

Thanks for breaking it down, Peter. Your dismissal is way overdue. My humble opinion is the closing of the venue by the City will only serve to pour publicity on a the fire to open more eyes to the inept administration. Therefore, an even bigger venue will be needed require more DJ’s, Bartenders and a bigger viewing screen to debut even more GavinWatch material.Sweet Pete!

See you there, Gavin Newsom

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MattyMatt said...

The timing is suspicious indeed. When Gavin talked about improving Quality of Life, I didn't realize he meant just his life specifically.