Thursday, March 1, 2007


After several embarrassing revelations this week, Gavin Newsom saved the best for last with an admission that he wears diapers during long staff meetings and “some cross country air travel.”

Although he had already admitted to an affair with a veteran aide’s wife and sought help for alcohol abuse, experts are saying that Diapergate could be the ultimate act that chases his base support to more “controlled” candidates.

“People don’t mind if Gavin is taking keg stands before meetings. Nor do they care who he’s sleeping with…but in my experience, rock stars don’t wear diapers. It is perceived as weak and he has much work to do to restore the people’s trust.”

- Senator Dianne Feinstein

Newsom’s chief City Hall rival, Supervisor Chris Daly, has assembled a mayoral exploratory committee to test his chances as the Candidate of Continence.

As reported by San Jose Inside , Diapergate May Derail Newsom's Reelection Bid.

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