Saturday, March 3, 2007

Gavin 'Pics' a Winner!

Gavin Newsom, Photojournalist? As part of its new "Moving Pictures" feature that debuted this month, NBC11 gave digital cameras to a dozen folks around the Bay Area and asked them to photograph their lives. Folks like grave-diggers, young CEOs, recuperating Iraq War vets...and Gavin Newsom.

Don't get too excited. Don't you think we'd have been carpet bombed by
"What's on Gav's Camera" coverage by now if there was something juicy to pass along on it? Besides, Newsom snapped off about two dozen photos before copping to sleeping with his pal/campaign manager's wife/former underling. And before he said he was headed to alcohol rehab. From what we hear, of the two dozen images the mayor shot, only a few were of him."
- As posted by Joe Garofoli, SFGate

The problem for NBC11's Newsom story arises from is, the way "Moving Pictures" works. After a week or so of self-documentation, the subjects send the images back to the station. Editors and reporters would review the shots, then return with a camera crew to interview the subjects about what they shot and weave a story around them.

That's why the story is holding. Like the rest of the Bay Area's media pack, "Moving Pictures" is waiting for a follow-up interview with Newsom.

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