Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tony Hall: The Gavin Slayer

While we’re waiting on the San Francisco Progressives Convention to nominate a candidate to run against the Mayor Gavin Newsom, we thought to introduce a series called Gavin Slayers and spotlight some of the eighteen challengers who have already declared their intention to run.

The first of which is Tony "The Tiger" Hall, an Independent candidate who ended months of speculation, Thursday, when he entered the ring and came out swinging:

"This administration for 3 1/2 years has been a triumph of politics over
performance and nothing else."
Weighing in as a conservative (by San Francisco standards), the 65-year-old father of seven came to prominence when elected to City Hall Board of Supervisors in 2000. Hall sponsored legislation as the District 7 representative (Twin Peaks and St. Francis Wood) to make it illegal for people to sleep in front of businesses and to ban public urination and defecation.

Today, Hall calls Newsom's Care Not Cash homeless welfare initiative a colossal failure and adds that if he is elected, he wants less city money spent on the homeless and would revisit some of the homeless policies he supported as a supervisor.

"My detractors would like to say I'm a right-wing conservative, but that's not

After Newsom took office, he appointed Hall to Treasure Island. By moving Hall off the board, Newsom was able to appoint an ally, Sean Elsbernd, to the vacant seat, and move former island director Anne Marie Conroy to head the city's emergency operations. Hall says, he was fired in retaliation for having blown the whistle on a sweetheart deal involving Newsom and the former Navy base's main developer, Darius Anderson, a big Democratic fundraiser and Newsom supporter. Hall adds that his run has nothing to do with his very public feud between him and Newsom; rather, he wants to be San Francisco's mayor because "the major problems facing the city have been ignored" under Newsom's watch.

"I am running for mayor to solve the biggest problems facing the city, not
because of Gavin - Gavin is a nonentity."
Among the major problems facing San Francisco, he said, are a growing gap between rich and poor and an erosion of family values.

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