Thursday, May 31, 2007

Just One Hit & The SF Party Party’s Over

I agree with SF Party Party’s assertion, “Newsom’s cops are targeting bicyclists.”

To which, I say great! Everyone is responsible for observing the law regardless of operating a bicycle or an automobile. And (Sanctimoniously) I’ll add, It USUALLY takes two to make an accident, but it’s ALWAYS one person’s fault. So, the cop’s are simply extending the message, DON’T let it be you, to bicyclists.

Yet, to SF Party Party’s point, enforcing bicycle laws should not come at the expense of ticketing motorists. I HEAR YOU, but the fact is accidents are not much better for surviving motorist as they are bad for dead bicyclists, so it’s welcome news to learn all parties are held accountable. Don’t get me wrong… I am, not a big fan of Gavin Newsom and would love to see homicides drop too, but not at a cost of traffic patrol. Cops are essential!

Remember, wear a helmet - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of gray matter. Yet, don’t forget what really matters – your ass!

  • Don’t: Let the little brain make decisions for the big brain
  • Do: Let the big brain for the little brain.
  • That’s right. No topic concerns me more than saddle (dis)comfort: Numb genitals, burning pain in your crotch, bruised buttocks, saddle sores and raw, inflamed skin and erectile dysfunction and impotence. No single issue has been so grossly ignored by the Newsom administration as the need for a public service announcement to raise bicycle shorts awareness.

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