Thursday, May 10, 2007

Conan O'Brien Snubbed by Mayor

The official story is that Gavin Newsom was a 'no show' to NBC's Conan celebration day because he was "accidentally overbooked" and was doing an interview on SportsCenter about Barry Bonds instead.

Rather, the reality is his feelings were hurt by Conan's jokes about him. I believe Conan's show aires five nights a week. Was our heavy-handed, bungling mayor illuminating SportCenter all five nights? Perhaps, he's found his niche delivering insightful commentary and encyclopedic knowledge on Barry Bonds.

In any case, here's Conan's 'take' on Gavin:

"Everyone here is so nice and welcoming. Even Mayor Gavin Newsom sent me
flowers. When I tried to thank him, he said, 'They're for your wife.'"

And after the snubs:

"Everyone has been so nice to me here in San Francisco. Earlier today, Mayor Gavin Newsom invited me over for a sandwich. After that, we had lunch."

"The San Francisco mayor's race is heating up. There are now 13 candidates running against Gavin Newsom. Mayor Newsom said, 'I'm looking forward to debating all the candidates and nailing their wives.'"
Perhaps, Newsom was scared off, because Conan performs live? Someone in Newsom's administration should have informed him the show is 'taped' and they provide 'queue cards' too.

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