Monday, November 5, 2007


The City's political analysts are predicting a record-low voter turnout in a mayoral election with incumbent Gavin Newsom running virtually unopposed for a second term.

This year, Left-wing critics like Superviser Chris Daly held a convention where they failed to nominate a challenger, so Newsom's challengers include a motley crew that includes a sex club owner, a homeless taxi driver and a nudist rights advocate, a clown, a video blogger and a chicken.

Newsom's job approval rating rose to 78% when San Francisco began performing gay marriages shortly after he took office and have hovered there since -even after he publicly admitted to a drinking problem and having an affair with a close aide's wife.

Despite the city's unflagging homelessness problem and a rising homicide rate, the mayor's poll numbers indicate San Franciscans are largely satisfied with the status quo, analysts said.

In the election's other marquee races, the Sheriff Sheriff Michael Hennessey also has no serious challengers, and District Attorney Kamala Harris is running unopposed. Out of 11 ballot propositions, only two competing measures to expand or restrict parking in the city have generated any passion.

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