Saturday, January 12, 2008

Gavin Newsom: Losing My Religion

As a Wikipedia Edit War wages leaps and bounds regarding Gavin Newsom’s right to call himself a Roman Catholic, photographer Bill Wilson captures the Mayor campaigning for Hillary Clinton in the hood.

The debate contests one cannot be considered Roman Catholic under the circumstances of divorce and remarriage - (See example).

While the consensus disagrees, arguing if the article subject [Gavin Newsom] considers himself Catholic, it isn't for editors to decide amongst themselves that he isn't.

San Francisco's resident Cougar Cub and renowned blogger, Beth Spotswood, describes the above photo:

"We've got the Virgin Mary, Hillary Clinton and Jesus."

... And, dont forget the Graffiti).

Meantime, everyone knows, Gavin’s ex-girlfriend, CIA Miami Actress Sofia Milos converted him to the Church of Scientology:

Actually, The city of San Francisco has ordered a Scientology group to stop using a picture of Mayor Gavin Newsom on its promotional materials, heartily endorsing founder L. Ron Hubbard's writings.

A group called the Way to Happiness Foundation International sent a box full of booklets to Newsom's City Hall office describing some of Scientology's core principles.

The pamphlets came emblazoned with the seal of the city of San Francisco and featured a picture of a smiling Newsom with a fictitious letter from him.

Photo Credit: Bill Wilson

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