Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gavin Strikes Back!

Everything you've heard is true. I was ambushed in what I can only perceive to be a retaliatory 'drive by' hit executed by the mayor's minions. Gavin's Outlawz rolled up on me in front of my hommies at a "New Media Correspondents Club" happy hour organized by Ted of SF Party Party.

From behind knockoff Gucci sunglasses complete with matching brunette bobs, Maggie and Alex orchestrated a 'first to bomb' splash down with precision and timing - spilling the contents of their cocktails full-frontal. Obviously, professionally calculated by Gavin Newsom’s gruesome twosome from the Mayor And The Hair . The whole mess smacks of a East Coast-West Coast Hip Hop rivalry resurrected between new Death Row Blogger, ‘2Smac’ Gavin and the ‘Notorious P.I.G.’ Gavin Newsom.

"You Niggaz Done Changed. I’m callin’ all Komradz... and my posse runs deep. Ready to Die – biatchez!"

~ '2Smac' Gavin

Onlookers including Jon of SFist, Paul of Beyond Chron, Joe of, Sasha of Left In SF and others were shocked and horrified. A few cried out,

"That's not cool!"

"Don't hate the playah-hater... hate the lame!"

As Gav's thugs scurried away. I looked down to see. I was hit - a red liquid poured out of me, soaked and a little embarrassed. Yet, in hindsight both ladies had nice badonkadonks, so it was well worth it in the end... though it's not over 'til it's over!

Peace Out,


PS: If Gavin were a man, he'd wouldn't send a couple Marina girls like Maggie and Alex to do his bidding. Get some balls!

For more coverage, commentary: Calitics, SF Junto, SFist and Left in SF.

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The Jaded Gay DJ said...

Really the most hysterical thing I've seen a while, good job for taking it in stride!