Saturday, June 2, 2007

Green Party Turns Yellow

It is spineless, weak-chinned cowards like Chris Daly that aspire men of my character to move. I knew that I had little choice when it came to the Progressive’s Convention; and I chose not to attend. Rather, I went to the Union Street Fair and caught a good buzz anticipating the Progressives' sorry results.

The fact is, I couldn’t stomach shaking hands with a bunch of limp-wristed, lip-service pussies: Ross Mirkarimi, Matt Gonzalez; Art Agnos and the most emblimatic of which is you, Chris Daly, “All bark and no bite” pretender. You're all too scared of Gavin - Not me. I’m anouncing my candidacy!

My choices are limited, run or endorce Gavin... which means, while Sissy Chrissie stays home to study pie charts, polls and dawn an apron in the kitchen, I'll be out campaigning for better Quality of life. Meantime, I am extending an invitation for the so-called leader of the progressives to meet me at the 3rd Street Boxing Gym where I can work through my disgust for his lack of faith.

After all the love The City demonstrated by almost electing Gonzalez in a campaign that spent one dollar to Gavin’s six, you couldn't deliver a single, viable contender - WTF?! Smoke another bong hit and let some real men decide the City's fate. You've shown your true colors - Yellow!

The Green Party has failded us (again) and I relish the prospect of meeting Chris 'One Hit' Daly in the ring and and knocking out the party that elected Bush into office - you suck! Borrow your wife's sack and back up your words!

Dean aka Gavin

PS: Keep up the wonderful work you're doing in the Tenderloin. It's a pleasure to walk through your neighborhood, not!

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