Wednesday, July 11, 2007

SFPD: Drug-Related Homicides Up 20%

The SFPD reports that drug-related homicides are up 20% (15 for the year so far, compared to only 13 all year in 2006), spontaneous violence is up, and fatal stabbings are up (10 for the year so far, as opposed to 8 all last year).

Instead of a having CSI Detectives like Gav Girl Sofia Milos dust for clues to solve another who dunnit? - who cares? caper, let's put a cop on every block to prevent homicides before they start - more cops, less riff-raff. As of yesterday for 2007, we're at 54 murders (45 at this point last year).
Gavin Newsom played it conservative when he appeased liberals appointing Heather Fong to Police Chief. Yet, he can ill afford to flow with status quo. Should the San Francisco Mayor hope to hold a bigger office, he'll have to start cleaning up The City and stop Aiding and Abetting future rivals with sound bites such as these dissapointing SFPD statistics. Headlines can and will be used against him!

The report didn't say anything about non-fatal violence, though the CBS 5 and ABC 7 Bay City News, briefs are not good.

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