Saturday, September 8, 2007

Too Chicken Race

It's a Too Chicken Race. May the Burning Man win! With nothing but static to the Left of the radio dial, I was hoping Tony Hall would stick around awhile to champion our "Soul" Goal: Clean, Safe Streets.

Yet, Dan Noyes of ABC 7 I Team interviewed former San Francisco Supervisor Tony Hall to learn he is pulling out of the race: “The support just isn’t there.” Hall says many of the big donors who would be his supporters are afraid of coming out against Newsom, with such a huge lead in the polls.
“Maybe what’s better for the city is another dose of this cat and their spin machine.”
Hall was widely considered to be the most serious opposition to Mayor Gavin Newsom’s re-election. He announced his candidacy just three months ago.

Now that Hall turned Over Easy, Chicken John Rinaldi remains the lone challenger to the incumbent Mayor McChicken. Let's see, if the Showman can give Gavin a run for the money. On the sunny side, two chickens running beats two runny eggs any day!

Complete Article: Tony Hall Quits Mayor's Race.

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