Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Newly Reelected and Ready to Service

Matier & Ross:

Scores of postcards showing a tieless San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom eyeing a woman's low-cut dress under the headline, "Fresh out of rehab ... newly single and ready to service," have been mailed out over the past couple weeks.

Nothing on the cards identifies who is sending them. Judging from those who have reported being on the receiving end, they are aimed at an audience of Democratic women.

The cards list the Web addresses of two anti-Newsom sites devoted to spoofing the mayor's personal and political troubles, Gavin Sucks.com and GavinWatch.com.

We couldn't reach the folks behind the sites to find out if they had any involvement, but the mayor's folks don't think so, speculating it was "a Newsom hater" with money.


For those of you were are just learning about GavinWatch from Sunday’s Matier and Ross story, welcome! We’d like to thank M&R for the bump in traffic, but for the record we were not involved in the Fresh Out of Rehab postcards.

For those of you disinclined to take our word for it, consider these arguments:
  • Money: We simply don’t have a lot of it.
  • Messaging: That postcard just isn’t our style.
  • Quality of Design: Finally, we wouldn’t spend our hard-earned money on such a poorly designed postcard [See GavinWatch Postcards].

If we were to go to the trouble and expense of mailing a postcard we would focus on issues like Gavin’s questionable record on crime prevention or his refusal to answer questions or his lying to the public.

Dean of GavinSucks.com who also denied any involvement with this statement:
The postcard did not come from GavinSucks.com either. We lack the funds, imagination and skills to pull off such a caper.
Gavin Sucks.com:

In addition, we also lack the motive. Believe it or not, Gavin Sucks.com endorses Newsom.

Frankly, there’s no one else to turn and we’re hopeful that Gavin’s 'poor decisions' don't hurt his chances to land a bigger office far outside the City limits with a constituency far more conservative.
We hope Gavin’s political ambitions will motivate him to take action today on past promises - thusfar undelivered.
Gavin's rockstar 78% approval ratings are rivaled only by homelessness and homicides. Anytown, Anywhere, and the Good Mayor would be Nowhere. It's now or never. Gavin's next campaign begins with the Streets of San Francisco!


Both GavinWatch and Gavin Sucks have both disavowed responsibility. GavinWatch says they have better design values, and Gavin Sucks told GavinWatch that it wasn't them either.

We're not sure if we're relieved or slightly hurt that SFist wasn't listed as a possible perpetrator of this postal prank -- but hey! It wasn't us either.

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