Monday, September 17, 2007

Top Five Growing Blogs

Pop the Champaign!

Inspired by the 59th Emmy Awards, we're pleased to announce Wordpress voted Gavin Newsom to the Top Five Growing Blogs.

We want to thank the ManUpstairs in City Hall. Without Gavin none of this would be possible.
It's not often we get to stand here next to dazzling celebrity blogger, Beth Spotswood. Doesn't she look absolutely radiant in Gucci?!

Big props to the nominees: Chris Daly Blows, SF Party Party, Laughing Squid and SF Crime as well as supporting cast members Peter Ragone, Brittanie Mountz, Ruby Rippey-Tourk, Jennifer Siebel and Chris Daly and all the other Chickens.

Of course, we want to thank GavinWatch for always believing in us. What a class act! What else can we say...

[Queue the music]

... Except, we apologize for leaving anyone out. Ooops! Our friends at SFist and Cecilia M. Vega at the Chronicle. We're just so nervous. Good night and God bless!

This one's for you Mom & Dad!

Breaking News: Congratz to Conan O’Brien for bring home another award!!!

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