Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Newsom To Cut Delores Park Movie Night

SF Party Party is reports the Newsom Administration is proposing changes to park-use permits that will edit events like Dolores Park Movie Night or SF Mime Troupe from the San Francisco social scene.

The proposal is to stop allowing events to rent only part of a park. The new permit fee structure would require an event like Dolores Park Movie night to rent the park in its entirty; and therefore, pay a rate based on the maxim number of people that could fill the park. Currently, they only pay for what they use. Under the current method, a permit for a few hundred person movie night is only a few hundred dollars. Under the new method, the permit will cost $12,000.

SF Party Party is predicting the Delores Park Movie Night is just the first of many non-profit public event to hit the editing room floor, but not the last to fall. For more about this evil dominoe theory: Newsom Administration to kill Dolores Park Movie Night and SF Mime Troupe.

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