Wednesday, April 18, 2007

GavinWatch Watching The Detectives

Rather GavinWatch is watching the City Attorneys in a blog that investigates the investigation into the $10,154 payment Ruby Rippey-Tourk received from the City. They dug up a few answers:

Of the 1,297 records of applications for the Catastrophic Illness Program (CIP), Ruby Rippey-Tourk’s is the only application approved for substance abuse.

  • Less than a dozen other CIP applications were based on substance abuse problems. They were all denied.

  • Rippey-Tourk is also the only employee ever approved for the CIP after submitting her resignation and after securing a new job.
Yet, many questions remain unearthed:

  • What was Rippey-Tourk’s life threatening condition? In April she was capable of participating in a Benefit Magazine event and in September she went to work for the magazine. Dr. Katz said he “approves a request (for CIP) only if he concludes that there is a reasonable chance that the employee is at risk of dying.” But he also said that “substance abuse alone was not sufficient to qualify.”
  • Why was Rippey-Tourk’s resignation letter unsigned and why did it fail to specify a date of resignation?
  • Why did Rippey-Tourk not sign her separation letter until the day after her CIP application was approved?
  • What work did Rippey-Tourk do in preparation for the Benefit Radio show launch on September 9, 2006 (nine days after she left City employment)?
  • Who are the employees that donated 4.5 weeks of leave time to Rippey-Tourk? We know this is confidential information, but the only way to clear the air is for these people to come forward. Otherwise, how are we to know that it wasn’t the result of pressure or coercion in the Mayor’s office?
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GavinWatch delivers an indepth timeline of Rippey-Tourk and the Catastrophic Illness Program and explains why they have lost any sympanthy they had for the Tourks.

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