Sunday, April 1, 2007

Danny Glover - Everything Newsom's Not?

Blogs Abuzz About Possible Glover S.F. Mayoral Bid

(CBS 5) SAN FRANCISCO With few would-be challenegers surfacing to face San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom in this fall's election, left-wing bloggers are abuzz about the notion of having actor Danny Glover mount a mayoral bid, according to CBS 5 commentator and Chronicle newspaper columnist Phil Matier.

While Glover may have first gained notariety as an actor in movies like 'Lethal Weapon,' the San Francisco native who remains a resident of the city has garnered attention in more recent times as an activist for causes ranging from civil rights to death penalty opposition.

Matier notes that Glover's activism has also extended to the political arena; he supported Green Party candidate Matt Gonzalez's bid to become San Francisco's mayor four years ago when Newsom was first elected. Glover also backed Ron Dellums, who was elected as Oakland's new mayor last November.

"Danny Glover is everything Newsom is not," one blog poster wrote on the
SFJunto site.

"Newsom's chief asset seems to be his celebrity status," another poster
wrote. "Neutralize that and an issue-based contest might be possible. Newsom
loses on his record."

Glover's publicist, Michelle Vega, reacted to the blog clamoring for a Glover mayoral run by saying simply to Matier: "We don't have any comment at this time."

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