Friday, April 6, 2007

Noyes Annoys Newsom

Investigative journalist with the Channel 7 I-Team, Dan Noyes, was deliberately snubbed by Gavin Newsom following a press conference, Wednesday; in which, questions were taken. The cold shoulder is a product the product of solid journalism holding the Newsom to accountability and exposing his poor decisions and lack of leadership - finally resulting in this chilly meltdown.

Fog City Journal writes elected officials are obligated to give an honest and truthful answer to any question posed by journalists. The fourth estate, after all, is an essential component of our democracy that functions to protect the public from abuse of powers and to inform the public about important issues.
“The mayor is happy to talk to any reporter and any reporter from channel 7, but has made it clear on a number of occasions his views on Dan Noyes."
~ Nathan Ballard, The Mayor’s Office of Communications

By not responding to Noyes’ question, Newsom comes across as weak and incapable of handling tough questions. Are we to conclude that Newsom has something to hide, or that he lacks the skill to deal with reporters he perceives to be hostile?

Essentially, this is the baseball equivalent to Newsom standing in the on deck circle until the Channel 7 I-Team replaces ace pitcher, Barry Zito, with a reliever from the bullpen to lob a few soft balls his way. What a wimp?

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