Thursday, June 21, 2007

Coke Smoke & Mirrors

District 6 Supervisor, Chris Daly, isn’t qualified to separate my socks. The Boy Robin Hood of the Tenderloin sought to exact revenge on the Mayor Gavin Newsom with accusations of cocaine abuse. If he keeps up his hysterics he’ll be supervising Gavin’s shorts, full-frontal.

Disillusioned Daly actually contemplated a run against Newsom this year “if no other challenger stepped up to do it,” but then backed down. Yeah right! I can see his campaign slogan:

Bring me your wired, bleary, unemployable poor, and I’ll tax your shopping cart.

Who voted for this bleeding panty housing-rights activist/pacifist douche-bag? The Homeless? I say take away reason (Green Party) and accountability (voters) and you’ve got Daly. Just add a subpoena and serve his dumpy ass over ice. Good grief and good riddance; even Daly’s fellow Regressives on the board are distancing themselves from him.

"I am associated with something that I don't do, never have, not even in the
realm of reason should someone even accuse me of this." - Mayor Gavin Newsom

Just days after relieving Daly of his position as chair of Budget and Finance committee, Aaron Peskin, Board of Supervisors President, is again the center of controversy addressing requests from the Newsom camp to attend to Daly’s misconduct.

"I don't see how allegations about someone's personal life furthers the public
policy goals he espouses to promote. The entire episode is conduct unbecoming an
elected official.” - Aaron Peskin, Board of Supervisors President

Barbara O'Connor, Director of the Institute for the Study of Politics and the Media at Cal State Sacramento, said there is such a thing as below-the-belt in politics, and raising allegations of cocaine use without evidence to back up the claim certainly qualifies.

"This is why the public hates politicians. They view it as people playing by
different rules and civility doesn't always prevail. It's almost like reality TV
in City Hall. But this isn't Jerry Springer. It's a City Hall budget hearing." -
Barbara O'Connor, Director, Cal State Sacramento

It's hardly the first time Daly has spun out of control. In 2004, he escaped censure by an 8-2 vote. The push came from Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier after he had told the audience at a board committee meeting to "f- off" and walked out.

Don’t let the door hit ya where the good mayor split ya!

Expect it's the Board 's turn to tell Daly to "f- off."

Complete Article: Angry Newsom blasts Daly for bringing politics to a 'new low' by Cecilia M. Vega, Chronicle Staff Writer

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