Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Newsom Rally Rolls Over Daly

Supervisor Chris Daly continues his hand-on-hip finger-wagging antics today accusing Mayor Gavin Newsom of using public resources for electioneering purposes. Is it just me or is the no nuts Green Party all bark and no fight?

'I’m a Little Tea Pot, Short & Lumpy' Chrissie Daly issued a memo to the Ethics Commission raising serious questions about possible improper use of public resources by the Mayor's Office. Daly cited Newsom '07's emails, website, and phone calls that make it seem as if tomorrow's "Mayor's Budget Rally" is an official Newsom '07 campaign event.

In the wake of these revelations, Chrissie Daly cancelled Wednesday's Budget Hearing which he contends to be the main focus of the Newsom '07 campaign. "I want to ascertain whether public resources were inappropriately used for electioneering purposes and whether Newsom '07 is appropriately engaging the legislative process before making crucial decisions in this year's budget process," said Daly.

If 'Hall Monitor' Daly put half the effort into cleaning up District
as he does whistle blowing and generally abusing his position
with the very political impropriety he alleges, maybe chronic eyesore
neighborhoods, Tenderloin and Civic
, would generate enough tax dollars to pay for his bleeding
panty pipedreams.

Complete article: Newsom stages rally under cloud of unpropriety and preferential treatment by Fog City Journal.

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