Friday, June 8, 2007

Gavin backs Newsom

Gavin Newsom returned from New York to a round chorus of Bronx Boos from San Francisco media and usual suspect politicians, bloggers with the one deafeningly loud exception of this blogger. While complaints abound, the Mayor's trip is unjustified with much of his time (our dime) spent advocating for his own political future, Gavin Newsom says fine. We're immensely pleased Gavin is taking steps to model our planned Tenderloin Community Court after the success in Manhattan's Midtown, finally focusing on prosecuting quality-of-life misdemeanors and infractions ranging from public urination to disorderly conduct. Gavin can take to the air 365-days a year, as long as we have clean, safe streets down here!

While Newsom had to postpone a tour of nearby Brooklyn community court, his trip included lobbying for federal funding for a variety of local projects including rebuilding public housing and health care.
Yes, Newsom attended four campaign fundraisers.

Yes, 50% of Newsom 's donors reside outside The City.

Yes, 25% of Newsom's donors reside out of state.

No, Newsom doesn’t need your vote; he has 75% approval ratings.

No, Newsom doesn’t need you money; he has $1 million war chest.

No, Newsom doesn’t need to run for re-election; he is unopposed.

A Homeless Man, a Nudist and a Conservative Independent walk into a San Francisco bar and decide to run for mayor... It's no joke!
Don't blame Gavin, it's the liberal voters Who

You with Green principles turning Yellow down the leg.

You with your Limeaid vote in Gavin's pretty pocket.

With nothing but smiles to the Right of the radio dial and static on the Left... Progressives are minimized to a "Party of Change-ing Chris Daly's Diapers," Matt Gonzalez, Ross Mirkarimi and Chris Daly will be taking the next four years off to mature (hide); and after November's Mayoral race You can take the next four years off too. Rather, San Francisco has become a battle ground for a bigger office with a bigger constituency, far outside The City limits and far more conservative too.

Step asside (You It's Gavin's big picture campaign donors, who decide our policy now. Remember, the better San Francisco looks to these tourist, the better Gavin looks as a Senator, Governor, etc. Which is great for me, because You liberals have been screwing things up in this town since the summer of love. Let us frat boys show you how it's done!

Peace out, Hippies.

Chronicle: Newsom on East Coast to seek funding for housing, health care Mayor also hits up political donors, will meet with Pelosi by Heather Knight.

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