Thursday, June 7, 2007

Love Beer, Haight Gavin Newsom!!!

On the 40th anniversary of the legendary Haight Ashbury Street Fair, our "Dry Drunk" Mayor, Gavin Newsom, lifts his glass half full of sparkling water to toast to all his loyal decidedly stupid subjects. Here’s the twist, your martini is empty... as in Shaken, Stirred and Bone Dry. Served Straight Up the ol’ Plumpjack!!!

Smoke 'em if ya got 'em, 'cause ya can't drink 'em! Yep, The City that gave you Medical Marijuana is taking away your beer.
Dude, Where’s My Beer?

According to the SF Examiner today, you’ve been PUNKED (again)!!! The Grinch cancelled Christmas and the Gav took away your BEER. Meantime, all the Who’s Who’s in Whoville and likely including You (70% Approval Ratings) keep singing the Mayor’s praises at the polls.
Dumb & Dumber!

The How Weird Street Fair is dead after this year and with Newsom’s continued attack on the North Beach Jazz Fest look for a sequel. Newsom is using his ISCOTT committee on transportation and traffic to pull permits from popular street fairs. Oh, good times indeed!!!

Sufficiently depressed? Here's couple jokes, I penned (while self medicating) for your abusement:

Question: How many Progressives does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Answer: About as many as it takes to nominate a candidate. Better call a democrat.

Question: What’s Green between the Ears. Pink in the Middle; and turns Yellow every Election Year?
Answer: Chris Daly

Question: Why did the Progressive cross the road?
Answer: He wanted to vote for Gavin Newsom.

Question: How many beers do you have to drink at home to be drunk enough to consider a dry street festival surrounded by cops fun?

Answer: Go to the Tenderloin Street Festival instead. You can drink "Mad Dog" MD 20/20, 24/7-days a week all year long in the street. Then check out the SF Party Party for all the facts.

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