Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Newsom Suspends Whistle Blowing Cop

San Francisco police officer, Sgt. John Lewis of Park Station, wants to turn back time to get a jump on the homeless.

Lewis is under departmental investigation - and could be suspended - for writing a letter to The Chronicle criticizing the way Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Police Department are handling the homeless problem in Golden Gate Park.

According to police sources, Sgt. John Lewis of Park Station is being investigated for authoring a letter that "undermines the efficiency of the department."

Lewis' letter, published on The Chronicle's editorial page Aug. 15, questioned the Newsom administration's tactic of sending cops and outreach workers into the park before dawn to steer campers into social programs or, if they refused, cite them for quality-of-life crimes.

"Instead of sending a horde of people into the park at 4 a.m., the city should be sending this same horde into the park from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., when the real problems exist."
Lewis, who has 20 years with the department, wrote that the campers were neither interested in programs nor concerned about being cited, and that the real problem was during the day when drug use, drug dealing, drinking and fights were commonplace.
What's the big deal? Instead of citing the fast asleep and drunk, operate at a decent hour and arrest the wide awake and drinking. This way, we'll have more to prosecute!
Police Officers Association President Gary Delagnes said that if charges are filed and upheld, Lewis could face anything from an admonishment to a suspension.

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