Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tent City

While San Francisco's Mayor Gavin Newsom roundly criticizes the war on drugs of robbing our prisons of precious cell space, Sheriff Michael Hennessey echoes his sentiments quietly freeing violent offenders back onto the streets.

That is, until Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio rides into with some old fashioned justice.

Last week,Hennessey said, “his hands are tied" by overcowding; and I say his early releases are effectively unknotting the mayor’s “services or citation” arrests, locking us into vicious cycle of “catch and release.”

It's like losing an old fashioned shootout by slightest margin of points - heartbreaking. The mayor lights up the scoreboard with huge numbers in his reelection bid; nevertheless, we lose as vegabonds play trading spaces with addicts and theives - not to mention overworked and under appreciated SFPD.

Enter Sheriff Joe, just in time to save the day with a temporary, permanent solution – Tent City.

Sheriff Joe says, If you can’t beat ‘em in Golden Gate Park, then join ‘em!
Pitch a Tent, Portable Fence and Toilets too.
Where the buffalo roam, polo horses play, windmills curn and rose gardens flourish stands a temporary solution to a permanent problem, economically and compassionately providing food, shelter and directing the homeless into programs they desperately need and desperately reject.

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