Sunday, October 14, 2007

Vote For Your Favorite Gavin Newsom Date

Who's your preferred piece of pie?

It's been almost a year since SFist zipped up their poll. So, we thought to open our Vote For Your Favorite Gavin Newsom Date election.

Brittanie as Ms. Pac-Man lying on her back eating delicious Gav Girl pie!

Of course, things have cooled considerably between the Gav and Barely-legal Brittanie Mountz ... while picking up with Jennifer Siebel's gal pal and Melrose Place star, Daphne Zuniga, sidekick Paris Hilton, and the mayor's latest squeeze the smokin' hot journalist Cecilia M. Vega. Don't forget Ruby Rippey-Tourk!
When it comes to polls, it wouldn't be a dance-off without Ruby!
Previous results are in pie graph -- but if you can't read the names and numbers in those little wedges, here they are in legible form:

Gavin Sucks Poll: Vote for your favorite Gav Girl

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Photo Credit: SFist

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