Friday, October 12, 2007

LGBT Says Newsom’s the Only Alternative

Bay Area Reporter (BAR) is San Francisco's oldest and largest local newspaper of record serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities endorsed incumbent Gavin Newsom, crediting the mayor for changing the national debate for LGBT rights and equality.
Bay Area Reporter writes:

More than 2,000 homeless in San Francisco have been housed since Newsom's "Care Not Cash" measure took effect, a success acknowledged in a recent television news broadcast interviewing previously homeless people who have benefited from the program. We acknowledge and support the mayor's other key initiatives on transportation, infrastructure, public safety, sustainability and housing, particularly housing for people with AIDS.

We Gavin Newsom because we believe he has done his best to make San Francisco a better place to live.
When the mayor stopped by our office Monday, he said that he believes the city is moving in the right direction, with great or modest progress in many areas, including the city's push to offer universal health care to its uninsured residents and Muni. Crime, particularly the city's homicide rate, remains a great concern, he said, and he acknowledged that he's "taking a lot of heat" over the city's decision to cancel Halloween in the Castro, even as law enforcement prepares for a unprecedented presence in the gay neighborhood this year in case people don't heed the city's "Home for Halloween" message that should soon blanket local airwaves.

Being mayor of a large city as diverse as San Francisco is not an easy job. Newsom is the first to admit that there is much still to do, but we have confidence in his vision and faith in his abilities to lead San Francisco for the next four years.

We endorse Gavin Newsom for mayor.

Complete Article: Gavin Newsom For Mayor by Bat Area Reporter

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