Friday, October 5, 2007

War On Drugs

But Seriously...

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom had some tough words for the people and party of the people today - declaring war on the war on drugs.

Newsom asserts local jails are overcrowded with people incarcerated for drug offenses, taking up room that could be used to hold more violent criminal offenders. He says violent criminals with lengthy felony records are being turned loose, too often.
"If you want to get serious, if you want to reduce crime by 70% in this country overnight, end this war on drugs, you want to get serious, seriously serious about crime and violence end this war on drugs."
San Francisco Sheriff Mike Hennessey agrees estimating 75% of crime is drug related.

But Seriously, Chris Daly, disagrees continues to criticize his way out of a job. For the record, he also disagreed with:
If history tells us anything, it's Daly's history and Drug$ R 4-Ever!

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