Monday, October 8, 2007

Wolf On Notice; Go Bears!

Tree Huggers Embrace Recall

Cal Berkeley’s Vegans say Pro Gay Marriage, Pro Immigrant, Pro Marijuana Mayor Tom Bates is just too Conservative.

These ‘Nuevo Reek’ Stinky Hippies assert Bates is too close to developers and the Cal Bears winning streak, and is only trying to get tough on the homeless in order to satisfy business interests.

And your Parents say:

“No shit you idealist punks. Why don’t you leave the house, why you still have an answer for everything?”
Meantime, Chief Sitting Bullshit, Zachary Running Wolf, a former mayoral candidate and an organizer of the Berkeley tree sitters is working overtime at doing nothing at all.

The same Mental Midget not only brings us this useless Petition Drive, but is also Masterminded the current 'Save a Tree' Stupidity.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest Cal enroll all San Francisco’s homeless - please!

This way, Dry Zach Creek can runneth over with smoke-um, toke-um peace pipes and I’ll finally be able to walk unmolested down a City Sidewalk.
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Complete Article: Campaign Launched to Recall Berkeley Mayor - By Phil Matier, CBS5

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