Saturday, October 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Gavin

What do you get 40-year old Mayor who has everything?

Two Twentys!

Sorry Gav, just enough Dough Ray Me-ow in the City kitty to pass a single Twenty-Something Zillion-eiress to scratch out a tune at your Big 4-Ho-Down!

... Guess Jennifer's Girlfriend Interupted. Shot the wad doubling down on our first installment of the Playboy Mansion and stud founding father - Hugh Hefner.

Trust in the DNA, Skywalker - Hugh's Your Obi-Dad Kenobi: Out of Orbit and Out to Pasture at Half Your Age; yet, Still Kickin’ in the Corral at Eighty!!

Do the Math - 78% Approval Ratings say U Rock! ... Close your eyes and wish for Paris Hilton to blow out the Lightsaber!

Happy B-day!


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