Saturday, October 13, 2007

Newsom Ducks Debate

The reigning Chump, Gavin Newsom, climbed into the ring less than willing to spar with serious unknowns like Quintin Mecke, Dr. Ahimsa Porter-Sumchai, Lonnie Holmes and Harold Hoogasian.

Yet, with 78% Approval Ratings and a roomful of backward Progressives:

Why give a pretender a shot at the title?

GavinWatch Report Card:

  • At least nine of Gavin’s challengers are serious candidates capable of making strong arguments for why we need a new Mayor. The audience was generally engaged and impressed.
  • Gavin has little respect for his challengers. He sauntered in 45 minutes late, eating into the time of the only forum he’s agreed to attend.
  • Gavin only participated on the condition that ABC7 not broadcast the debate, thus depriving a large audience of seeing how he stacks up to the competition.
  • Gavin refuses to participate in any real, televised debates that gives candidates more than 30 seconds to speak or allows for rebuttals.

Gavin wasn’t the only one taking time out in the corner. The Chronicle's Smoking Hot Cecilia M. Vega got a ‘D’ for continually walking Mecke and other Revenge of the Nerds candidates off the page to the back of the Delta House.

Though she described Gavin as tardy and superficial – Ouch! Hearsay has it, Cecilia's pulling her punches (and breaking my heart) as the rumor mill spins:

"The striking reporter is romantically linked with the handsom mayor."

While gossipers are gullible, this blogger remains uncompromised (by the facts). Let me assure you, I have the utmost integrity and given the opportunity to get up close and personal, I promise to keep a professional distance - that'll be $50.00 Gav!

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