Monday, August 6, 2007

Art Imitates Life

Both Josh Wolf ($5,000) and Chicken John ($4,300) need a considerable amount of donations by Friday or, as Chicken says, "This journey will be over."

Neither would debate they have no shot of beating the incumbent Mayor Gavin Newsom who enjoys 78 percent approval, $1.5 million in campaign funds. The people of San Francisco have spoken, homeless, homicides and hypodermic needles in the park are just fine by us… as long as we get our daily fill of Gavin’s pearly whites splashed across the 11:00 O’clock News.

Wolf: "Everything I put forward I'm serious about as a candidate... But I'd be out to lunch to think I'm going to win this thing."
Therefore, why debate the public health system? The economy? Or, why run?

Chicken: "This is a performance. You're in the city of arts and innovation right now!"
Wolf: "I'd rather you make art than watch the crap on television."
Wolf wants open city government. He'll wear a video cam. Chicken encourages more dramedy in board meetings. "The whole Jerry Springer element (Chris Daly) is bringing to City Hall is long overdue." Suggests a juggler for five minutes at each meeting as well as the sound guy, K-Rob, produce a soundtrack for each meeting.

Chicken John regarding the murder rate:

"I don't feel qualified to answer this question. I have no idea. There are experts out there... I don't know [Much stammering]. If art became our focus people would be nicer to each other."
He should have quit there as the next question regarding the homeless problem produced this gem:

"If what you're interested in is not seeing homeless people, then go f---yourself."
No, he should go sleep with the homeless. I don't sleep with men, but far prefer Josh's comments regarding gay marriage:

"Gay marriage doesn't exist, and he did that a long time ago--and not much more. Some one needs to call him to the carpet."
At this point art imitates life (the candidates) as the audience regresses with lame questions like: Do you prefer DC or Marvel Comics? Or, is the City too expensive for creative people?

Chicken: "Don't need to spend money. All that needs to happen is have more
people support arts by becoming an artist."

Wolf: "I don't have the answer right now." Co-ops are a start. Communal living cab cut costs, especially if city helps dole out low cost loans."
All right, I was a little harsh, but I'm still pissed off by the Chicken and the Homeless quote. My point (actually their point) is, they’re not to be taken seriously. They’re artists and very entertaining! As much, each has an opportunity to influence the minds of the many and thus government policy - plus, the balls to run!

My vote is Chicken should stick to making a car run on coffee grinds. God forbid he uses a sidewalk and visits this homeless epidemic up close and personally. Josh Wolf wins by default.

Good luck to both. I hope they stick around. Say hello and send some dough!

Complete Article: Chicken (John) v. Wolf (Josh) Mayoral Debate By: Justin Berton (Email)

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