Friday, August 10, 2007

Newsom vs. Newsom

As posted by SF Party

As of today at 5pm, the line up for November looks like “Newsom vs. Newsom”. Of course, we already knew the out come when the six million dollar mayor bought his razor thin margin last time: downtown money was not about to let Newsom lose to a progressive.

What we didn’t already know was whether there would be any dialog about the issues: homicides, muni, police reform, housing? Would anyone step forward and hold Newsom accountable to his own record.

Aside from the dialog, a competitor would have gotten us three months of good government…. three months every four years. Thats not much, but it would have been better than nothing. Street cleaners would come from nowhere. Parks would get clean. The homeless would get hidden somewhere, some how. Maybe Newsom would even rollup his sleeves and help prevent another Halloween debacle. Maybe.

The things that a contested campaign will get an incumbent to do, even a lazy incompetent incumbent. We were among the hopeful.

Democracy wasn’t served when Newsom bought his election with New York money in 2003, nor will it be served when he runs unopposed this November.

Newsom doesn’t need your money or your vote, and he certainly hasn’t earned. So don’t give it to him:

“Vote None of the Above” this November.

image credit: Clinton Fein 2007

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