Saturday, August 4, 2007

Heeee's Back!!!

Gavin Newsom's Valentine's Day stalker, Han Shin appeared in court to answer the charges that he tried to run over the roommate of a friend shortly after Newsom got that stay-away order from him too.

You may recall, Shin showed up at his friend's house unannouced one morning. Learning that his friend wasn't home from the roommate and cousin. Shin kicked in the door and chased the roommate around the house. He then grabbed the roommate's framed picture of Gavin Newsom!

Finally, the roommate was almost run over when attempting to get Shin’s license plate number. Shin accelerated towards the roommate and on to the lawn (3 times), and then jumped out of the car to give chase to the cousin. The cops found Shin in a closet with a bunch of Newsom paraphernalia, and when they tried to take him in, Shin punched the cop in the face.

Good stuff.

Valleywag: Gavin Newsom’s Purple Pal by Chris Mohney

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