Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hell Freezes Over

Regardless where you fall on the San Francisco Color Wheel, Gavin’s pearly grin and all ye who abandoned their party, platform and reason for the Mayor with Hair!

Round and Round She Goes. From Primaries to Pastel. Hippies in Suits in a tug-o-war with ‘Suits’ in Tees. Where Liberals are Democrats; Democrats, Republicans and Conservatives, Progressive.

Stop by the Gavin Newsom Victory Happy Hour!

Balboa Café/Plumpjack
3199 Fillmore Street (at Greenwich) San Francisco, CA 94123

Thank God. Bleeding-panty politics as usual suspects took one look at Gavin’s 78% approval rating and folded before the flop.
Hell just froze over, you dirty, stinkin’ Hippies.
With nothing but static to the Left of the radio dial, we’re all smiles to the right, Gavin’s just four year’s away from a bigger office with a constituency far outside the City limits and infinitely more conservative. We can finally rid our sidewalks Homeless and Homicides with That Old-Time medicine – Cop on every corner!

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