Tuesday, August 14, 2007

San Francisco's Black Eye

In today’s Matier & Ross:

In San Francisco, even the state's top lawman is not immune to getting his car broken into - even when it's parked next to City Hall.

Just ask Attorney General Jerry Brown, who had his official state car broken into while it was left briefly in front of the State Building at Civic Center.

Brown said he and his driver hadn't been in the building more than 10 minutes when they came back to find someone had smashed the passenger-side window of his 6-year-old Lincoln Town Car.

Breaking into the attorney general's car in the middle of Civic Center is a bit on the bold side, but not all that unusual in San Francisco these days.
"Right across from City Hall, in plain view of the mayor's office. He could have seen it from his office window."
According to police statistics, so far this year, thieves have broken into cars in San Francisco an average of 32 times a day. As for former Oakland Mayor Brown, he's seen enough:
"An official state car - the taxpayers' car - and they stole the GPS unit as well. I'm going back to Oakland. I've never had my car broken into there."
On, that note, SFist Blotter turned us on to terrific blog cataloging San Francisco Crime. Welcome to the neighborhood Jerry. I’ve survived three broken windows and one convertible top, but at least I’m still breathing.

SF Crime reports 68 murders in San Francisco as of August 9th. The murder total has increased 24% from last year. Plain and simple, we need more cops.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is to be commended for stepping up to grant SFPD a 24% pay raise as part of an Anti-Violence Plan to combat summer hotspots including the Bayview, Mission, Tenderloin and Western Addition.

If you live in any of these neighborhoods, take a cab (not MUNI) to Balboa Cafe's Happy Hour and help us knock back the Plumpjack as we celebrate Gavin's Mayoral Victory, Thursday.

Complete Article: Car of state's top lawman broken into near City Hall by Matier & Ross

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