Monday, August 13, 2007

Cecilia M Vega Is One Smoking Hot Journalist!

… Aside from Cecilia's obvious good looks, brains and cl ass, we hope she'll swing by Thursday’s Happy Hour at Balboa Café to swig Plumpjack and help us commemorate our 100th posting on Gavin, created in the aftermath of San Francisco’s City Sex Scandal, as well as to thank her for kickstarting our blog with her coverage in the Chronicle just six months ago.

Today's piece by Cecilia observes Gavin Newsom cautioning a crowd of cheering supporters (a thinning heard with climbing approval ratings) against prematurely celebrating his re-election victory, saying that despite the absence of a challenger who comes close to matching his campaign war chest or popularity, the race “is not over.”
"We've got work to do. Don't let anyone think this race is over. It's not over - we've got a dozen candidates."

Conspicuously, none of which include Chris Daly, Ross Mirkarimi, or Matt Gonzalez. Each participated in the Regressive Convention (the biggest assembly of salad-eaters since the Nixon era) only to fold their cards at the sight of Newsom’s 78% approval ratings.

With nothing but static to the Left of the radio dial and lonely Conservative Tony “The Tiger” Hall to the Right, Gavin may be tempted to chase the Tiger by the tail, locking up a few taggers, pimps, hos and homeless. While effective, those tactics could wake up the sleeping "Fruit Flys" hatching two Chicken votes for each swiped from the Tiger.

November will be another story. Gavin is just four years away from a bigger office with a constituency far outside the City limits, not to mention infinitly more conservative and far less forgiving. In other words, we can finally tackle chronic Quality-of-Life issues worsening daily. Reactionaries Unite!

Sadly, Cecilia goes on to report of a Vegan victory as incumbant District Attorney Kamala Harris is also running unopposed. In my opinion, she deserves a Life Sentence for poorly defending fallen police officers including Isaac Espinosza by prosecuting without a Death Penalty. Shame.

Complete Article: Mayor Newsom Says He’s No Shoo-In: ‘It’s’ Not Over’ by Cecilia M. Vega, Chronicle Staff Writer

Photo Credit: Luke Thomas, Fog City Journal

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